MyGorean News April/May 2018

  • Tal everyone and welcome to the recent news of the MyGorean Community!

    MyGorean's Birthday Celebration

    At the last meeting we were celebrating our community birthday! One year MyGorean.Com, 7 years gorean community (LaKajira.Com was founded on May, 1st 2011) and even 19 years D/s community ( later was founded on April 23, 1999)!

    The celebration, however, was more a silent celebration, because most important was clearly to meet each other at such a beautiful place. One of the attending free men said: "Relating the weekend I have to confess you that I have felt completely in a Gorean world for the first time in my life." This is exactly the intention of the MyGorean Meetings: to create our own gorean world. It's a reality. We all are working on it; each of us is creating this reality.

    Home Stone

    The free men were sitting together and discussing a very important topic: creating real gorean Home Stones. Yes, individual free men have their individual Home Stones, but what about sharing a Home Stone? The attending men were talking about this interesting and important topic. It was a great start to built up a real gorean Home Stone, where free men swear on the Home Stone. The main output of the discussion was, that something trustful is needed, but that it is not so easily done. One difficulty is the virtual world, as also the online platform MyGorean is virtual and online. Yes, we have real meetings and real people living the lifestyle. The online community is our medium to connect many goreans worldwide and help to communicate with other goreans. However, a real Home Stone is offline and it's local.

    The discussions about Home Stones will be part of every gorean meeting. We are looking forward to the day, when free gorean men create the first local MyGorean Home Stone within the MyGorean Home Stone (this platform). It's also an idea to manifest the Home Stone then legally in an official organization. This, of course, needs some more meetings and a lot of work for the Scribes to do the legal things.

    Real Life Academy 

    The real life training starts very soon in August. You can find the news about the Real Life Academy on MyGorean.Com -> Academy -> Infos.

    New privacy policy / Newsletter

    Regarding the changes in the european law about the privacy, we updated our privacy statement as well. There is not much different, because we were already using your data very limited anyway. The only changing, you all will notice and that affect you, if you do not change your settings is, that this is the last newsletter sent to all members. After this newsletter, you will only receive very urgent email from us or about the notifications (which you can switch on and off in your profile settings). You will find another field in your profile settings "I want to receive MyGorean News". Check the box, if you want to receive further newsletter. If you don't check this checkbox, you won't receive our newsletters in the future.

    Thank you very much for creating this wonderful gorean platform and being part of the community. 

    We wish you well,

    Lo Sardar