Roadmap of MyGorean

  • The goal of creating a true Gorean community combined with a Gorean Academy for the training of masters and kajirae has inspired many Goreans in their actions for decades.

    The MyGorean Community was founded with the purpose of spreading the theoretical and practical knowledge of the Gorean way of life on the one hand and connecting the virtual and real Gorean community on the other hand.

    Below is our roadmap that reflects the goals of the MyGorean community. It focuses on those who have already been reached and those who are in the process of being realized.

    We thank all those who support the MyGorean community and work with us to make our mutual visions a reality!

    Achieved goals

    • Foundation of MyGorean Community & MyGorean Online Academy (in 2017)
    • Journey to the Canary Islands (Spain) to find a plot for the real MyGorean Academy (in 2017)
    • Conversion of a van into a motorhome (in 2018)

    Existing activities

    • Real-life MyGorean meetings held every three months (since 2017)
    • Real-life MyGorean Master & Kajira Training (since 2018)
    • Travel by motorhome to visit Goreans in Europe (since 2018)
    • Expansion of the MyGorean Wiki (since 2018)

    Future plans

    • Search for a year-round, well-tempered area in which a plot of land can be found for the establishment of the MyGorean Academy
    • Development of the land and construction of the Academy, as well as residential houses in terms of environmental awareness, minimalism and harmony with nature
    • Establishment of the real-life MyGorean Academy
    • Master & Kajira Trainings within the MyGorean Academy
    • Extension of the area by further houses, as well as tent places and motorhome lots for a living gorean community
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