MyGorean News August 2018

  • Tal everybody and welcome to the recent MyGorean news!

    It's really time for another newsletter now! Since the last news, there are quite a few things, that have happened. The most popular part, obviously, was the REAL LIFE Kajira Training in August! Beside that, we had important discussions about our Home Stone among the attending people at the meetings. Did you notice, that we have started a gorean wiki? 

    The Kajira Academy

    We were waiting and longing for that a long time... and finally, thanks to all participating Owners with their kajirae, we made it happen: the real life kajira training. It was actual more than a training for the kajirae, also the Masters have learned and taken a lot from the week of real life training. All the girls were not completely new in their collars, they have already made their experiences and came with some skills. However, there was one thing very clearly to feel: the eagerness of each kajira to learn more, to improve, to be more pleasing! It was amazing to see the girls learning and working hard. Very helpful and interesting was also, that we could watch, listen and learn limits of each girl and how to deal with them. Especially for the Owners, this was very enlightening and helpful.

    The real life training just has started; this week was even just the initial training. The initial training was already demanding, even though there is no real pressure yet. Our training philosophy is without force anyway. Girls shall feel ready for the next level and take their time, until they are ready. However, we do expect the girls to keep on going in their training, not to dally around and to beg for a test as soon they have learned the task.

    Within these days of kajira training, we have created an awesome piece of Gor, which is really great! We will announce the next training soon, hopefully it will be possible within the next half year.

    MyGorean Wiki

    Wait a moment... a gorean wiki? Where?

    Yes! We have created a nice wiki of gorean quotes to research, study and learn more about Gor. As you can imagine, to add quotes from all the 34 novels, it will take some time, until this work is done! We try to do the wiki user-friendly, easy searchable and effective. Each quote is multiple tagged and the tags are combined in main topics/categories.

    So far we have about 750 quotes online already and it's daily growing! You can easily find the link in the top menu bar (just click on Wiki). 

    Home Stone

    Our Home Stone getting defined. It does exist, one can feel it. The Home Stone is, what us give the feeling to actually be on Gor. It connects us to each other. Want to become part of the Home Stone? Don't hesitate! Attend to the meetings! Next meeting takes place in November in the south of SPAIN! 

    If you live somewhere between Mid Germany and South Portugal/Spain and you wish to meet the MyGorean Van, send a message to Alduras or adira, they may stop and have a cup of blackwine with you ;-)

    Stay tuned and well wishes!

    Lo Sardar

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