MyGorean News November 2018

  • MyGorean News November 2018


    Gorean Village and Academy

    After traveling through Europe for some time, we finally have some news for you! As you know, we are traveling to meet other Goreans and (primary) to find the right location for the MyGorean Village and Academy.

    As many know, we have been in the Caribbean, we have been in Panama, in La Palma and of course in our home country Germany… but there was no place, where we had that good feeling to locate the gorean academy. Yet, as we are exploring Spain and Portugal, we feel very well with the idea if buying a place in Portugal.

    That said, we will have a conversation about this at the next MyGorean Meeting next weekend (18.11.)  to get the thoughts, ideas and feelings from other Goreans. It will be inspiring!

    About the concept, we have mentioned already, the idea is of building natural, perhaps an (almost) autarkic houses, at a quiet place in middle of nature. It will probably go in steps, like first building a small house, then another house etc. Or perhaps we will find a piece of land with a ruin on it, which could be re-built. Many possibilities.

    Help wanted!

    Once we will start building, we will definitely need a lot of help. It could be a great experience to build together a real gorean village with members of the gorean community! It’s also a great opportunity for ALL slaves (included male slaves) to attend and serve the community! But also for the Free it’s an opportunity to become part of the ones, who were building up the MyGorean Village in the very beginning! Would it even become your Home Stone?

    Online Community

    Our online platform is of course, where we all can easily meet and talk. Here we share many things and get informed about any activity. We notice that members are spending more time on the platform and interestingly MyGorean is more often visited than it’s predecessor LaKajira. It’s a good sign and we thank you all for loving and using MyGorean.

    Some more activity, though, would be great. Some (mostly new users) are very eager to use the platform and get in contact with people. Perhaps it would be great to post some ideas to the forums or just into the feed, to rise up the activity. And thank to all, who are being active! It’s very much appreciated!


    The old chat system finally came to it’s end .It’s not any longer compatible with the new server software. We are using the basic chat again, without chat rooms. Chat rooms, however, were not really often used, for whatever reasons. Perhaps the community is just still to small? Please leave your thoughts and comments in the forums or the main feed.


    If you like the idea of a gorean village and academy or if you like the gorean platform MyGorean, feel free to support us in any way. One possibility is to upgrade your subscription to Copper, Silver or Gold Tarn Level. You can also send your donation via PayPal. Or if you are motivated join us on real-life meetings and eventually on the location to help building the houses!

    Thank you for being part of the MyGorean Community!

    I wish you well,
    Lo Sardar