MyGorean News July 2019

  • Tal everybody!

    Wow... a newsletter from MyGorean!?

    Indeed, it's a long time ago, since we have sent a newsletter. In April, we thought, it's a good time to send the next newsletter, when we can announce our brand-new apps being online. But...

    Native Apps for Android and iOS

    This seems to be another never-ending story like BER... the "new" airport in Berlin!

    Let's hope not! The apps for Android and iOS are in their second version for testing. And when they release the app for testing, actually it is supposed to be a final version., and not a beta... or alpha? So far the idea. We purchased the apps from developers, who have programmed them for the engine behind MyGorean. But we don't use the very basic system. We use an enhanced version, with many complex extras, like complex profile questions. For this, the app was not prepared. The developers need additional time to code the missing parts. Beside this, there are lots of little bugs here and there. We apology for the delay.

    New features for Copper Tarsk and Gold Tarn Levels ;)

    Doesn't this sound better, than "less features for the default level"? In fact, the photo albums require now Copper Tarsk Level. The reason behind this is, that pictures related to Gor and gorean lifestyle could contain nudity and sexual material, even though it's not the main focus on our platform. Perhaps you have noticed, that other social platforms have changed their policy, because of this kind of material (i.e. Tumblr) and they have banned lots of content. 

    We don't like the idea of banning pictures of our members, just because it shows a nude girl, it's part of the lifestyle and how we live! But we had to find a solution to be okay with the european law. For those, who are adults, it's no problem to access such material. The payment process assures us, that the user is verified as adult.

    However, we also want to keep the platform free. Other age verification systems are much more complicated and require to send a lot of personal data, which we also want to avoid. Your data is yours and we keep the required data from you as little as possible. Copper Tarsk is available for just 1€ per month!*

    Talking about subscriptions: every paid subscription is supporting this lovely growing gorean community! Thank you for everyone, who is supporting us! Unlike most bigger social networks, we don't collect your data in order to sell them. For placing ads, we would need a few thousands of more members and unfortunately there is not yet a generous sponsor to cover all things with ease. But we are a great community, with amazing people, who believe in the gorean philosophy and know about the benefits for every being living this lifestyle.

    MyGorean Home Stones

    That said, we are proud of the Home Stone, founded in November 2018 in Herradura/Spain by three gorean houses! Like in every relationship, the houses are growing together more deeply with each meeting and every minute, we meet again. It was one of the dreams, when we founded MyGorean in May 2017. 

    Beside this new spanish/portuguese/german Home Stone, we have other real existing Home Stones within our MyGorean community. There is a brazilian group, led by "Raduh of Mystarah" meeting every three months. They are already members here! Thank you for being part of MyGorean! Another gorean group, announced by "Master Knack", are meeting in September 2, 2019 in Washington. Thank you as well, to be part of MyGorean!

    All these real existing Home Stones are part of this community! If you are member of an existing gorean group, announce your meetings on MyGorean and become visible for all other members. We believe, there is much more, than we can see!

    The Home Stones will get more attention in the future. Our plans are to have a kind of profiles for Home Stones, where they can have little communities online within the MyGorean platform. Home Stone Profiles will eventually be be able to connect with other Home Stones, like alleys and then share content. It's worth to publish your real life groups!

    Gorean Lifestyle Academy

    Even though we are very limited due our van life, we could have another training session in February/March this year. The GLA is an important part of the Home Stone. It's main purpose is, to grow in living the gorean lifestyle for both, Masters and slaves. Home Stone and GLA have already improved the live of the participants and made things possible, that seemed to be impossible.

    We will schedule the next training as soon as possible. First let us move in our new house! It will hopefully happen within the next few weeks.

    City Hall

    For administrating MyGorean, we get now help from community members. The members, we have invited to the City Hall are members, who are either active or support MyGorean in other way, people we have the feeling, they want to help and see the community grow. We thank everyone, who accepted the invitation and helps now in difficult decisions. For us it's important to also get feedback and listen to our members. You can find the City Hall members in the forum "News and Announcements". 

    Telegram Chat

    The good old chat system, works for the website on desktop computers, it works also on mobile devices in full site view, but it's very simple and slow. As long we can't offer a new and modern chat system, we are using a Telegram Group as group chat. Currently 25 members are using it for quick greets and instant shared messages. Join our group and enjoy the connection between other members.

    New Series of Scrolls

    We thank Yatho Savage for his impressive series "Gor vs. Earth". Beside the courses of the academy, it's a refreshing way to learn about Gor. Who knew about games like "harvest slave kisses", "cat's cradle" or "peeing downstairs"? Wanna read about "Free Companionship", "Speaking in Third Speech", "Love of Nature"? Don't miss the scrolls and read one or all of the current 13 scrolls!

    Topic of the week

    Suggested by Master Knack, we opened a new forum called "Topic of the week". While we started posting the new exciting topics just right in this new forum, we will now start all topics in the category, where it belongs and later, at the end of a week, a topic might become "topic of the week", depending on replies and views.

    This could be a challenge, too. Why not trying to post the most exciting topic? Forums are still very interesting. Many people use the news feed to ask their questions and get some replies within the feed as comments. But forum posts serve also as archives and help other people with similar questions to find the answer quicker. The experiences we make in everyday life are extremely helpful for other people and thus important to share. It takes time, sure, but it's worth it!

    Next Newsletter...?

    It should not take another few months, until you will receive the next newsletter. Let's try next month?

    Well wishes from

    Lo Sardar and the whole team of MyGorean!

    *) In case you have problems paying with PayPal, contact us to find another solution, like bank transfer.