MyGorean NEWS August 2019

  • Tal and welcome to MyGorean NEWS in August 2019


    It’s the first time, that we publish the news on a video! Additional, you can find the text in the scroll, like in former updates.

    What’s new? Let’s start with the Apps for smartphones. We are waiting for the apps to be finished for nearly four months! The company, who is in charge of the development of the apps, has fixed some of the issues, but it’s still far from being ready to be released.

    It’s very frustrating, as you can imagine. A little explanation here: the current software, we are using for MyGorean, is developed by a software company. They provide the software, which means we have purchased the license. The basic package is very simple und basic. We have purchased third party plugins, to make it more nicely. We have even programmed some little plugins by ourselves, like the courses or castes. 

    As you have noticed, we have had the courses partial disabled in order to get the apps built. This was necessary, because the courses are not part of the original software package. To avoid conflicts, our own code had to be disabled. However, the courses are back and enabled again, which does not mean, the Apps are finished. Courses will not work on the Apps! There is little to no chance to get them running on the Apps. It might work somehow with a so called web view feature, which displays the regular website inside the app.

    Anyway, we are extremely disappointed how it works and we apology, that we announced great features, which now seem never to be finished.

    However, don’t worry… we have much better news for you!

    The big new 2019 feature of native apps on iOS and Android, with all related enthusiasm, has help us to go for the next big step. Another milestone of MyGorean, another huge step further will happen.

    We are talking about a complete new, from scratch own programmed and developed software including amazing and exciting features, including self coded apps for smartphones, we are talking about MyGorean II

    Have you seen the announcement, that we are seeking developers? Thats the reason! Beside software developers, we invite also graphic artists for designing graphics for the new platform. There will be more jobs for helpers, like translating texts from english into your mother tongue.

    Amazing! But what will change? What happens with the current accounts and content?

    It will be challenging, the whole project will be challenging. For sure, we will transfer all existing user accounts to the new platform as well as the main content from forums, courses, albums, videos and of course from the scrolls. We will also import all profile information to the new platform, so far the structure is the same. We will, however, have new profiles with a lot more details. The current personal interest will be increased and we will have also sexual interest and even secret dreams in each profile. There will be a section for private pictures, meant only for close friends.

    Most parts of the new profiles are not visible to other users. The intention of these detailed profile informations is the new MyGorean Dating Feature! This is so exciting!  We will create a complex dating application within the MyGorean platform for Masters to find their love kajira or for girls to find their love Masters, they are longing for so long in their deepest dreams.

    That said, our aim with the new MyGorean is to extremely increase the number of members! We want this platform to become not only more active, but actually very busy!

    But how can we achieve that high goal?

    First, of course, we need YOU, the members to support us, to also want this community to grow and extend! Another thing, we understood, is that MyGorean needs to get the space to be oneself, as it was meant to be.

    We have now a group of people, sitting all in the same little boat. Which is nice and cozy, but at the same time this makes it difficult to grow. We have learned, there are other gorean people outside, with really good knowledge, with great experiences, yes with similar visions as we have. But in our boat, there is not so much more space at the moment. We need more boats on the same huge ocean!

    You know our MyGorean Academy.

    We earned a lot of respect and acknowledgement for doing these courses. But do you see any other course of any other user? MyGorean means, that everyone may talk about his own interpretation of Gor, share his own gorean life, presenting his own gorean influence in his very personal life. It’s not our private Gorean world. It’s much more!

    The path to get there is long and probably very stony. We learned, that we need - even more obviously - to divide between providing and maintaining the platform on one hand and sharing our personal believes and our personal lifestyle on the other hand. Perhaps it was easier to run successfully a gorean social network, without being oneself involved within the lifestyle.

    Our idea of the new platform is, to create a place, where we would love to invest time and energy, to create courses, to built up our Home Stone, even this platform was not ours! Would we on the current MyGorean invest the same energy for creating courses, for an academy, that belongs to someone else? Probably… not!

    And that's, what we need to change.

    Our focus for MyGorean, from now on, will lay in providing a stable, fast, intuitive, amazing, enjoyable and easy to use platform with unique features, that can’t be found on any other platform. We have already started with this by having a City Hall with members of the community. It’s just the beginning. The new platform will have administrators and moderators, that will come from the community. Surely we will be and want to be part of the community and still have our own contents. But there shall be very little and only general limitations and restrictions for other users to use MyGorean in order to create their own gorean academy, scrolls, Home Stones etc.

    The general restriction, of course, is to keep things gorean. It’s a gorean community and there should be gorean people using this platform.

    We still have the challenge with verifying users as adults and keeping the basic membership free. The solution for this is, to offer all main features to all free users and having paid features for those, who want to enjoy all the cool extra features. In the new platform, we won’t have subscriptions anymore, but we will have internal coins, to buy features. The coins will be, of course, Copper and Silver Tarsks, and Gold Tarns. Every member can buy an amount of coins with PayPal and then use the coins as desired.

    Gifting features to other users will also be possible, but only to those who have activated their account for pay features.

    The activation for pay features will just cost a very small one time payment of 1€!!!

    Yes just ONE EURO once to get the profile verified.

    Another YAY feature in the new software, will be the „gold digger“ feature. Members with an activated account can occasionally find and collect coins and use them to buy some lovely features.

    Pictures will be free for all activated accounts, that means you only pay 1 EURO once and enjoy pictures forever!

    Pictures upload will be possible for all members, even for free users without a verified account. They can access, edit or delete their own pictures at any time. 

    The same applies to videos. Videos will be a paid feature, but every user can upload, edit or delete own videos.

    In the new platform, there will be finally the Home Stone profiles, which are groups of members, who founded together a Home Stone. Home Stones can then, like user profiles, connect to each other and follow each other, share chats, pictures, texts whatsoever.

    Every user will get their own academy!

    You will find on your profile „My Academy“. Clicking there, it will say „there is no course yet, add your first course now!“ Then you create your course, upload your content like video, text, audio etc, and your handout and additional your test questions and answers. You can do this in your own language, using your own methods, doing it your own way. The only limitation are the general Terms of Service. Perhaps you want to earn coins with your courses? Also that will be possible on MyGorean II.

    The list is theoretically endless. The new MyGorean will be a KILLER!

    But until then… is a long way to go. A lot of programming and designing and translating and so on and so fort.

    It’s not, that we can release the new platform this year! Perhaps not even next year! It depends on many things, but we have started already and we will get there!

    Soon, we will open a forum topic about MyGorean II where we inform about the process and another, where you will post everything related to this project. Perhaps you have an idea of a feature, you really miss so much? Let us know and suggest your feature, perhaps, we can realize it.

    Even though, the new software won’t be finished so soon, some of the mentioned things can be done already now. For example, if you want to start your own academy, you can use the current platform and upload your content. You will get your own course, own access to it and can manage everything by yourself.

    We have only revealed the mature points, there is much more to say in depth. But for an overview and for the first impression, this surely is enough!

    We hope you are now as excited as we are!

    Thank you for watching and being part of a wonderful, growing MyGorean community!

    We wish you well!