MyGorean NEWS November 2019

  • Tal Free and slaves!

    We have quite some interesting news for you in this newsletter! Are there news about...

    The native apps for iOS and Android?

    Yes, there are!

    Such a long time! We have announced the native apps already in April 2019! And we expected the apps to be ready to be released perhaps begin of May!

    You know the story... bugs, bugs, bugs... never ending story!

    Didn't we say at some point, we really hope, it won't be like the story of "BER"?

    It's unbelievable ...

    So, what are the news now? Are the apps finally finished? No bugs, no more issues?


    Some of you were testing the app. First impression is always nice. We had the iOS apps running in testflight mode on our iPhones and it was fun and easy to check updates, comment something here or like something else there. But...

    In a more detailed view, there were some little bugs and some others were not even so little. For example:

    We have many profile questions, so you can fill a detailed profile, specific for your caste, classification etc. Viewing profiles on Android or iOS, there was a total mess. The profile questions were in a different order, sub questions didn't even appear. Absolutely useless!

    Some of the bugs had been fixed (more or less), but beside the bugs, there are essential functions missing, that we have on the website. All the functionality of the academy for example.

    Last but not least, we had to hide albums and pictures from the news feed in order to get the apps approved. Even though, we have found a possible way around, we missed the pictures in the feed and probably you all missed them as well.

    Back to the roots

    These problems made us working on a concept of a new platform, which we have announced in the recent newsletter. Our guideline for the new platform is "keep it simple"! We are tired of bugs, issues and features, that are hard to learn how they work (if they do). Who was not upset, that login into the site needed more than one attempt? 

    In the beginning, when we relaunched the site, it was all so clean and easy. We purchased many add-ons to make the platform more attractive, but the first idea often is the best! By the way, all the extra add-ons come from the same software developers as those native apps! Lesson learned...

    We are currently cleaning up, already now with the current platform, simplifying things. You can see the first results:


    The newsfeed is more simple. Pictures are small thumbnails (but they are back again!) and there is just one like-button instead of the different reactions like on Facebook. Now, all members (including basic members) can see the pictures within the newsfeed and it's again possible to upload directly into the feed. Therefor can basic members only see the first page of the feed. To click on "view more", Copper Tarsk Level or higher is required. Browsing through the site is certainly not limited.

    The Members list...

    only shows the recent online members. Inactive user profiles can be accessed, but do not appear in the members list anymore.

    Photo Albums...

    are also cleaned up, which gives a better feeling, especially on mobiles. The albums are still running with those "advanced" add-ons, though. We might eventually cleanup here, too. For now it shall be fine. More important is not to miss one of the lovely and sexy pictures anymore!

    Mobile view

    The mobile view is also much simpler (and faster) and interestingly easier to use. Even the academy including enrollment, practice and exams are working on mobile now. We are now using the original simple mobile view and... what a surprise: the login problem seems to be solved! At least we cannot produce this error any longer. If you notice again, that the site just reloads, when you try to login, please report this.

    Please note also the updated list of features!

    Thank you very much for using and supporting MyGorean, with all it's rough edges and flaws. We hope you like the new, simpler and more light weighted MyGorean feeling!

    We wish you well,

    Lo Sardar

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  • Johanna / Ayumi
    Johanna / Ayumi Tal Master, the new/old mobile view looks great. If i may suggest: In the "Browse" tab the sub categories should have wider line space or just icons to tap on. It is difficult to tap/open the right categories, even with small fingers. And I...  more
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  • Adira of Alduras
    Adira of Alduras Greetings Johanna Thanks for the inspiration, I think this should be easy to improve!
    November 15, 2019
  • Cythe of Phoenix
    Cythe of Phoenix Great, Master!!!
    November 16, 2019