MyGorean News February 2020

  • Tal everybody!

    First Newsletter in 2020! And we start with good news for MyGorean!

    So far we had an all-for-all Newsfeed, showing updates from any member to everybody, which is nice for small communities. It's true, that we are still a small community, and we have a very high level of communication in the sense of respect and politeness. What we are missing is some more different personalities, more exchange of particular interests, more the feeling of living people within the community.

    It's time to go a step further and give the community's name "MyGorean" more weight.

    You are all familiar with the courses within the Academy. From day one, it was meant to give any member the opportunity to create an own course. However, it's been difficult so far. Things shall be easier! Every member can, from now on, create their own course, completely free and independent of admin approve. You click on "Create New Course" and you start managing your own group of students, post lectures (can be video or text with or without pictures), create questions and answers for the exam etc.

    You want to manage a group, but not as course or apart from academy? You like to get together with people, who enjoy the same sports as you do, love the same music, have children or speak the same language? Great! It's possible now!

    We have now installed groups, where members can join or create a group, decide wether it will be open for anyone to join or need approval, whether all members can see the group content or only group members etc.

    Since the academy courses are based on groups, you can check in the settings, if your group should be an academy group or a normal group. We will provide another scroll (or perhaps a new group) to inform about more details.

    The are also some little design improvements, so that it's just more pleasing to the eyes when you spend time online on MyGorean!

    That all being said, we now come back to the above mentioned Newsfeed. More different people bring more different interests and tastes, that might not please everyone. Instead of having people hesitating to post their interest to the whole community, we think people should be able to choose what kind of content they want to see. The Newsfeed shows now only general content from forums, the rest is related to the people you follow, your groups and your networks. Following others is quick and easy. You have all your friends now as followers and are following them likewise. You can follow (or unfollow) people independently if they are following you or not. It makes it easier to create exact your personal network, as you want it.

    Friendship is a powerful word and many online relations are not even close to a friendship. We think, following fits better.

    With this changing, we enable messaging all members for everyone in any level. What we are going to remove is the chat. It's not much used and doesn't work in mobile view anyway. 

    For the near future, we plan for Silver Tarsk Level and above an option to select from different profile styles. Similar like the profiles are now already, but more different options and the same for the group profiles.

    Well, that's it for now! We hope you like the new possibilities and enjoy this lovely community! Thank you for being part of this gorean network!

    We wish you well!

    Lo Sardar

    PS: please don't hesitate to share your thoughts!