Tal everybody!


    As you all know, we are planning a huge project, the Real Life Gorean Academy on a beautiful sunny island!

    From some people, we were asked how to support us and this fantastic idea. Of course, there is the opportunity to support us by upgrading to Silver Tarsk Level or even to buy a subscription at We were asked to open more, other opportunities for supporting the project.

    And thats what we are doing now: we have quiet a bit of Katibu-DVDs left. Most of you people, who are supporting us, probably already have a Katibu DVD. But usually, you have the DVD to watch it, right?

    What, to have not just one DVD, but maybe 10 or even 20? Can you imagine to buy 25 Katibu DVD for a special price for just 50€ each? Yes, you read correctly: Buy 25 DVDs for just 1250€!!!

    But certainly, you wouldn't want to buy so many DVDs to watch them or to just own them, right? But what, if each DVD has a value of 100€? Would you like to save 50% and help us the same time to push the project?


    What's about this Katibu DVD?

    These DVDs are numbered and certified. You will receive beside the DVDs a certification with the numbers of the DVDs. Only together with the certification, the numbered and sealed DVDs are valued. You can open a DVD and watch it, but then it would lose it's value.

    For each sealed and certified DVD, you can pay one day in the future gorean village and academy! Isn't this awesome? The price for one bungalow or hut for a Master/slave couple probably will be around 100€ per night. So if you love the idea of the gorean village, the gorean real life academy, you can already reserve your days now for a great price and save 50%. Even if the price will be more, you get your day free for each certified DVD you buy!

    Not only that: additional to the value of one night in a bungalow or hut each single DVD will be a ticket for a prize game. Once the real life academy is opened, there will be prizes like for example a massage by one of the academy slaves or a personal slave dance or special breakfast etc.

    The certified DVDs are limited. The first 100 DVDs will be offered for 50€ each. Afterwards, the price will rise to 75€ and finally to 100€. 


    We are looking forward to sell many DVDs to you. You are helping us and we are helping you!


    Thank you very much!


    Alduras with adira

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