MyGorean News Feb 2018

  • Tal and welcome to the News in February 2018!


    Gorean Communty is growing

    You all were waiting for the first gorean meeting in 2018, which was on Saturday, the 17th of February and it was indeed a great meeting among gorean people. One week later, we had another meeting scheduled: an online chat meeting to discuss the plans for 2018. Well, we were so busy working on our parking lot in the backyard so that we did not send any newsletter or announcement for the chat meeting, so that most people probably missed it.

    Anyway, it's absoultely awesome, that there are Goreans on this planet, who consider to travel to Germany in order to help the gorean community. Also gorean people from Spain were travelling a few times already, to attend to our gorean meetings! Amazing!


    Appearance in public / nudity

    But on the other hand, there is still a lot to do. At the meeting, there was a small exchange of thoughts and ideas about the real life academy. There was also some talks about how to appear in public. Particular, there was a question, if it makes sense to avoid nudity in videos, if we want to show and talk about gorean lifestyle. Interestingly, all present came to the point, that nudity, even it is reality for a kajira and consequently it's a part of the gorean lifestyle, there is no need to show nudity to the public. Our lifestyle is not just about sexuality and nudity. In fact, it's a serious way of life. Nudity, however, is most likely seen as something of the sex corner, which we actually don't want. It's been a very good discussion among community members.


    Medieval Market

    In the same dircetion points another topic: having a gorean meeting in public. The next gorean meeting and at the same time the annual celebration of eventaully would take place at a medieval market. This means, we are applying for a place on such a market as a "medieval group". Now.. is this gorean? Well, yes and no. Of course, if we appear there in medieval dresses, it's not really how we appear in everyday life. On the other hand, it's a great possibility to present our kajirae in camisks in public without any hassles. The Free also could dress in their caste colors, which is pretty cool. Using such event to get attention by visitors is a great opportunity to talk about Gor with people, other than those who put Goreans into the BDSM subcultur or fantasy role-players.

    Anyone, who is interested to attend to the event in May, please contact us. We need a group of people, before we can apply for a place on the market.


    Home Stones

    Another goal is to establish several Home Stones. Gorean groups, who meet regularly and talk about the lifestyle, help new people and organize kajira training sessions. Informations about MyGorean Home Stones can be asked in every gorean meeting ... only! There will no MyGorean Home Stones just online, without any personal meeting in advance. We are looking forward to meet the first interested Ubars of real Home Stones!


    Real Life Training

    We really want to have the first real life kajira training this summer! However, it requires at least three, better four girls as students. Those girls shall pass a test within the online training here on If such a training will happen in summer 2018 mostly depend on the fact of having enough students. So, don't hesitate and ask for the training! It will definitely help you or your kajira!


    Be well

  • HoustonGorean
    HoustonGorean LOL
    February 27, 2018
  • HoustonGorean
    HoustonGorean As you may know from past conversations, I hold the Houston Home stone I am not exactly clear on what this part of MyGorean is trying to accomplish. Here again as I suggested, we need a mission statement to clarify things as well as to pass out to other Goreans.
    March 5, 2018
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    Adira of Alduras A first try is published, Master.
    March 5, 2018