MyGorean News March 2018

  • Tal everybody!

    Welcome to MyGorean News for March 2018


    Medieval Market?

    In our last newsletter, we announced our next meeting on a medieval market. Well, it won't happen. The idea was primary to have a meeting in public, but it seems to be nearly impossible, to get into that scene. Anyway, the idea is still present and can be discussed on the meetings among the Free.


    Meeting in May

    Finally we found a lovely place for the meeting in may. Check out the pictures! It will be an exciting celebration of MyGorean's birthday! Beside that, we will be talking about the upcoming Real Life Kajira Training in August and filming for an awesome and exciting promotion video for the academy and the community.


    Chat System

    We have another chat system! The original chat has been replaced by the current chat module, which is the old one from LaKajira. It doesn't work on mobile, unfortunately, but it runs stable and it has more functionality. You can create a chat room and invite friends, chat rooms can be public, password protected or completely private. After all the last user has left the room, it will disappear automatically. The single chat got some nice extras as well. You can change your status, block users, safe conversations, and much more. Click on the users name on top of the chat window will lead you to the users profile page.


    Regular Chat Meetings

    Tek (HoustonGorean) has started chat meetings on a regular basis. After the first meeting didn't work very well because of the former chat system, the following meeting worked much better. The Saturday chat meetings are open for gorean discussions, for Free and slaves and interested people. Feel free to join and discuss with others or even prepare and lead one of the chat meetings.


    Member Browse Page

    The member browse page was showing all members until now. Since the site is growing and getting more active, the members browse page now only shows members, who have been online within the last 30 days.


    It's Spring!

    Last but not least, winter time is over and we have a new fresh spring background picture! Enjoy MyGorean!


    We wish you well.