The idea behind the community name MyGorean

  • Greetings everyone!

    Do you know, why we named this platform "MyGorean"?

    Most of you probably know, that we were operating the gorean platform "" before we released MyGorean. We did not want to use "LaKajira" again as community name, especially because it fits more for slave girls rather than the Free.

    The purpose of this platform was not primary the community platform, but the gorean academy. In the very beginning, we were thinking about a name like "Kajira Academy". Then we thought, it might be better to have a solid and interlectually demanding gorean community around the academy.

    We had the vision of a community of real and authentically gorean people, who love the gorean lifestyle, who are educated in Gor or are eager to learn about Gor, who help each other, discuss on a high level about Gor, both theory and lifestyle.

    Such people, though, do have their personality, they do have strong will and believes, as they are Goreans. Such people also have honor and they respect other Goreans as they respect mother earth. Goreans have believes but they are individuals. They do not have same the opinion in all things. They have their own views.

    We wanted to create a place for these people. We wanted the platform, to be a Home Stone for these Goreans. We wanted people saying: "This platform is My Gorean Community"

    The name "MyGorean" also reflects, that the gorean views, the different opinions, the different ways of living the lifestyle, the different cultures and social backgrounds, are respected.

    Does this mean, everyone can define what Gor is, no matter what?

    No! Not at all. Goreans have strong believes in their Home Stone, in the natural order, in honor and respect and much more. They do respect each other and accept different opinions, however, they don't close their eyes nor do they tolerate anything, that limits their freedom. They defend their Home Stones and stand side by side fighting against enemies. Enemies for example are such, who act against nature, the natural order, who are dishonest, disloyal or dishonorable. So if one defines Gor differently, than it truly is, it will be very likely not tolerated.

    People on Gor are living in different cities and cultures. There are different views and interpretations of the books, there are also different experiences. That all is great, thats all normal and wanted. Everyone is free to express ones believes and opinions, as long it is not contrary to or even against the books. It is indeed "MyGorean".

    The name came into our mind while we were planning the new community platform and we knew right away, it is the right name, the best name for this gorean platform.

    We hope you feel the same way!

    Long live our gorean Home Stone!

    PS: there is a chat meeting about this topic soon! Join the event and discuss among other Goreans.