Honor, what does this mean after all?

  • Historically, the word „honor" stands in the ancient and Germanic antiquity in accordance with its own „life meaning" and required the minimum requirement of the bravery to have such. In the sixteenth century, the notion of meaning changed as an acknowledgment of the own external power, which could only be restored by a duel or within a war. Nowadays the concept of honor has been split up against one's own values within the „sense of honor" and the „sense of responsibility" against the values of others.

    If I look generally at the present time, I feel „honor" - as a positive attribute - is strongly underrepresented. Everywhere there is a mentality in which people speak solemnly of how outstanding it is to respect other people neither in great nor in small things. Moreover, the abandonment of community spirit, fidelity and loyalty as a modern ideal is celebrated.

    This is exactly what I feel in the philosophy of Gor as completely different. On Gor they realised that there are the small things that have to be done, since they are also affecting the great.

    „I had a respect for caste honor. Honor was honor, in small things as well as great. Indeed, how can one practice honor in great things, if not in small things?“ Rogue of Gor  p.231

    The question that we have to ask ourselves is, how we can give the small things in life their appropriate meaning, and whether we want this above all else.

    Just as the Gorean pays tribute to every caste, therefore also every profession and every free person, he lays the foundations for a good togetherness. Especially in societies in which everyone has to avow for his word - e.g. with the blade - the people are much more respectful and mannered.

    At this point, I remembered my active time as a member of a students' fraternity, in which the winged word was "Only when blood has flowed [between them], true friendship can rule!" For some people, this sentence may seem frightening. But whoever has defended his views, his being and the fellowship to his community not only with words, but also with a full risk of his own health, knows this does not let us only feel alive. It also shows, that we avow for our own statements and deeds, if it is not convenient and safe, but even if it is dangerous and challenging. On the other hand, those who are ready to defend their honor are also greatly valued higher than those who hide themselves in a mouse hole and only emerge when it is safe to raise their voices aloud.

    „When Goreans get the idea that honor is involved they suddenly become quite difficult to deal with.“ Magicians of Gor  p.400

    To speak loudly, in particular without having to bear any consequences, is in any case nothing for which a honorable person would work for. On the contrary, it presents a honorable behavior to act quietly and considered about everything.

    An example is, to give your word thoughtless for something. It is always better to say „No" than to have to stand finally for something that you do not really want to do.

    Each one of us should take stock of himself to see how he can be more honorable in his own actions and words.

    „The men of Gor, our masters, tend to take honor very seriously.“ Witness of Gor  p.408

    So for the free ones among us, the question is, do we take honor so seriously that we can exist in the face of the sense of honor of Gor?

    What about the unfree about us? Does a slave have honor, or is their anything she can do to earn honor?

    Absolutely! The honor of a slave girl comes from the service, she does for her master. It is, on the one hand, an honor to be chosen by a Master to be his slave and being allowed to serve him.

    „Thank you,“ he said.
    „You do not thank her,“ I informed him. „It is a great honor and privilege for a slave to be permitted to serve her master. Too, it is what she is for.“ Swordsmen of Gor  p.6

    On the other hand, to serve any free man in general!

    „It is a great honor for me, Master," she said, „that one such as you should select Beverly to serve you." Rogue of Gor  p.200

    It is up to every free person to follow his code, to live with pride and bravery for his ideals and those of his community, his Home Stone. Beside this it is the duty of every slave to stand for what she embodies, as well as to be obedient and sacrificing while she kneels at the feet of her owner.