True friendship

  • True friendship is like a mixture of milk and water.

    Next to a jug of milk was a jug of water.
    The water asked the milk, "Will you accept me as your friend?"
    The milk willingly said, "Yes."

    Fortunately a woman came there and poured the water into the milk pot. Both the milk and the water were happy. In a few minutes the woman wanted to boil the milk and put it on the stove.

    The water recognized the heat. It didn't want his friend milk to suffer. So it absorbed the heat and began to boil. It turned to steam and slowly let his friend out of the pot. The milk recognized its friend's sacrifice. Now it was also ready to bear the heat to save the friend. It began to foam and bubble. When the pot overflowed, she fell directly into the fire. The woman immediately rushed and splashed some water into the pot. The milk was happy again when her friend came to her again. The milk was calm and settled in the pot with the water.

    A good and true friend is someone who is willing to help or make sacrifices when his friend is in trouble or suffering.

    by a Buddhist Shastra

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  • Yahto Savage
    Yahto Savage Tal,

    Two years back a very dear friend passed away the morning of Christmas, since then this day is not the same to me anymore.
    This is what I wrote back then and how I see a friend...  more