Slave rules under closer examination

  • Inspired by the scroll of Tsiskwa "Out to dinner", the following lines came to my mind, which I would like to publish here:

    When I think about very special rules for my slave, the following event comes to mind, which took place on Curaçao a few years ago. At that time we were invited to a party with friends on the occasion of his 50th birthday. The couple knew in the beginning of our way of living together, but no more. At that time, adira was not allowed to look free persons into the eyes and kept silent until she was explicitly asked to speak.

    At the celebration itself, she knelt beside me on the floor, clothed with a sari who revealed more to the eyes than he covered. The people arround, all of them were germans or dutch were very irritated from my but also from adiras behavior.

    The atmosphere only relaxed as adira begun to help at the buffet and served the present free people. After this event, the contact with this couple ended or rather, to her. Our host himself had far fewer problems with our way of life, so we saw him even more often.

    At the time of this rule there were some other complications which led me to say goodbye to this rule. One of the main reasons for this decision was the self-imposed self-limitation. adira is an extrovert girl who enjoys talking to other people and in the process cultivating all of my house's external contacts. I myself am not so communicative and therefore often fall back on this characteristic of adira.

    But what does it look like in restaurants? In restaurants I use to order food and drinks for myself and my girl. Most of the time I choose what I like to eat and drink, because we both - myself and adira - appreciate eat and drink the same. On the one hand, this is easier to remember and on the other it does not arouse any desire for the dish of the other one.

    adira doesn't have a forbiddance on speaking to the waiter, but it is also rare that she is addressed directly, as I use to take advantage of the whole thing and order drinks before this question could be put on adira.

    I am convinced that the rules for slaves should be well thought out, but whether they are fit for everyday life only shows in the end the everyday life. So if you say A you don't have to say B, because you could find out that A is wrong.


  • Tsiskwa
    Tsiskwa I am sorry that you experienced this situation. It does show, however, maturity for you to recognize the need to adapt, and flexibility to implement those changes in your rules.
    November 14, 2017
  • Alduras
    Alduras It is always important to rethink rules, but also to try new ones. We are constantly faced with new challenges that we have to overcome. This is the only way, we will be able to recognize our goal and the path to it.
    November 15, 2017 - 1 likes this