Gender War or Men go their own way?

  • The war of the sexes, as John Norman predicted in the 1970s, takes place now and today. With feminism, gender, gender studies and the preference of girls and women by lobbying and politics, men and women are being instigated against each other, family structures are being destroyed, and faith in the spiritual world and our true potential are being replaced by egoism and materialism.

    The extended families and clans are a thing of the past! The children - as long as their existence did not prevent the self-realization of their parents - are pushed away in childcare centres in order to be drawn to a new generation of disordered behaviour by the loveless education of the government. The grandparents who used to be concerned about the well-being of their grandchildren are left alone or deported into euthanasia. There they are to spend their last years in affliction without love and respect. But why all this, if not to serve the ego of those who only want our best: our lifetime! For this the ego of those who are determined by others is gladly addressed, because where the whole life revolves around consumption and where there is no more time to live, to find oneself and one's own sense of life.

    We are in such a time today, but where should this lead us?

    New movements have long since started, one of them is the "#MGTOW" (Men going their own way) movement. This was created a few years ago in the English-speaking world and is becoming increasingly popular among men in the western world. In the MGTOW movement there are men who do not want to know anything about feminist women or about the anti-masculine society, who have denied the world of relationships and sexual acts with women, who no longer want to live for women and family, but only in the selfish world of themselves.

    What seems irritating at first looks to me, however, is ultimately only a logical consequence of the feminist "#Metoo" movement, which degrades the western man in general to the rapist and paymaster of women, from whom more and more men break out.

    Let us now take a look at today's developments, in which the white western men are constantly accused of wanting to do harm to the women of every race and skin colour. Thus, according to the evasive way of thinking, it is only a logical consequence when men withdraw further and further from feminist women or feminist society. In a certain way, such a development is similar to that which led to the mythical gender war on Gor described by John Norman. The difference, however, is that the gorean men fought for themselves and their interests and did not retreat like the men of the MGTOW movement. While the gorean man uses slaves for his sexual pleasure, the men of the MGTOW movement find their sexual salvation in the materialism of sex dolls and sex robots.

    But let us come back to the battle of the sexes! On Gor, the battle between the sexes led to a radical change in society there as well. As John Norman describes it, it was similar to what we are experiencing here on earth these days.

    On earth, the feminist women want a life of self-determination that is independent of men, as do the free women on Gor, but at the cost of their sexuality. But just as the free, feminist women of Earth regard themselves as the permanent sexual victims of men, free women on Gor have been deprived of this option and their status has been defined as unsexual. In the war of the sexes won by men, they can continue to go their own way, following their egoism and materialism. Only when the free gorean woman is ready to live her nature and with it her sexuality, she will be given the opportunity to do so in the man-determined slavery, but only here. Here she can live her nature far from selfishness and egoism, without having to submit to the limitations of society.

    Gor shows us a possibility how we could create our earthly world in the present. For example, for those women who wish to continue the selfish feminist tradition, the path would remain open to those women who continue to follow the egoistic-feminist tradition, as asexual and objectively viewed by men, and they would be free women as we find them on Gor.

    At the same time, those women who are willing to renounce egoism - with its feminism and materialism - could go the way of the slave girl. They would then live dependent on the power of men and lead a natural, but also sexually oriented life. It is only through the return of the woman to her natural role that she will find inner freedom and thus happiness and fulfillment.

    But there is also a place for the rather soft, feminine men in the role of the kajirus, so that they can experience at the feet of the free women those submissiveness for which there is no room in the world of the masculine man.

    But how does a man reach his goal? He goes his own way, is ready to regain his manhood and takes on the challenges associated with it.

    Only those who refuse egoism, selfishness, materialism and, not least, dehumanized society can find their spirit, true self and inner strength. In the end, we all will only be able to find our fulfilment in humility, not in materialism, nor in egoistic self-love or even hatred for others or the opposite sex.


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