Devotion & Love! Motivation out of egoism or selflessness?

  • What is it that drives each of us? For what reason does the slave girl serve her master?

    Devotion! A word that often comes up when it comes to a girl wanting to be the property of a Master. Egoism is already hidden in the word "want". It is no longer a question of being selfless, but of expressing one's own wishes selfishly.

    Love! This is something for what a lot of girls are looking for in the life as a slave girl. Is it love itself, i. e. the giving of the self to another person, or is it love? The longing for meaning - in the eyes of the Master - is based on a girl's egoistic urge. She does not want to wear a collar for reasons of selflessness, but to see her own interests being represented and adore her vanity.

    Lust! Often I hear the desire of a girl to be treated as a pleasure object. This leads to her longing for submission. But this desire, this longing, too, arises for selfish reasons, since it is often about fulfilling one's own lust, not just fulfilling the lust of the Master.

    The slave's expectation towards her master, what he is to do for her or how he has to treat her, reveals the selfishness of the slave and leads in logical consequence to her inner dissatisfaction.

    Only the real desire for inner satisfaction can fulfill a person. Devotion and love are characteristics of selflessness. We give both to our counterpart, which in turn leads to inner satisfaction. Those who expect an equivalent value are dependent on their counterparts and can therefore no longer attain an inner satisfaction.

    A girl that feels the desire for submission within herself has to become aware of the motives for her actions. If the motives are selfless and reflect her inner nature, she will undoubtedly find her fulfilment in the service, because this will give inner satisfaction to the girl.

    However, if she makes herself dependent on the praise of the Master or on the acknowledgement of others, and therefore strives for external contentment, she falls into the hands of egoism and will not be able to achieve the status of a happy slave resting in herself.