It's one heck of a journey

  • If you have chosen or identify with the station of a Gorean slave, then hold on to your hat, silks, scarves, picnic basket, backside, whatever you can hold on to because it sure as heck is a bumpy journey.

    It's a long hard road on occasion, dark and gloomy, full of rocks and tree stumps that you are going to trip and fall over, quite possibly skinning your knees if not getting more injured. You won't change anyone but yourself upon this journey, be prepared for it, accept it, know it in the depths of your soul before you take that very first step into the forest. At times you are going to feel like no one cares, that you are all alone in this big bad world and sometimes you will be right. There are going to be these terrifying creatures, lets call them the "Free," that jump out at you within the creepy dark forest. They will snarl and gnash their teeth at you, if you challenge them by snarling and gnashing your teeth back, they will quite possibly tear bits of flesh from your body and soul. Those Free, they won't let you turn back and take the easy way back, they will snap at your heels moving you forward, or if they find you too weak, they might just gobble you up and spit your bones out. The Free, they control the forest your journey takes you through, no matter how much you scream and shout at them, no matter how much you kick and swing your fist, you are within the forest only because they have allowed you within, so be mindful, piss them off enough and you may find yourself cast from the forest. Learn how to interact with them so that you don't end up missing every appendage. Approach them much like you would any other scary creature that is larger than you and could quite possibly eat you. If you care not to, and you are eaten because you didn't heed the 9 million warnings myself and others have given you, hopefully there will be some left over bones for those of us that remain behind to make a stock out of.

    You are going to find other slaves within the same forest, some ahead of you, some beside you and some behind you, a few may try to help, but they too are on a journey like you and eventually they are going to let go of your hand, either because you are moving too fast for them to keep up and they need to move at a slower pace, or because you aren't moving fast enough and they don't want to be slowed down and run the risk of being eaten by those terrifying Free. You yourself may find you have a desire to help other girls you come across, and by all means, if you have that desire, do so, but please remember that you are the one responsible for your journey at the end of the day, and if helping another slave will be detrimental to yourself and your journey, it's time to let go of her hand and continue on. You are going to have to be willing to fight and struggle, more often than not, you will be fighting against yourself, what you believe you want, what you think is right and wrong, how you feel you should be treated, etc. You are going to break down, probably more than once, and cry, admit defeat, sacrifice everything you thought you wanted and needed before you will square your shoulders and lift your chin and march onwards until you reach the edge of that forest and the warmth of the sun hits you.

    There, at that very edge of the forest as you step out of the wild brush, when you are broken and battered, worn down to exhaustion, and you hear the voices and laughter of the Free as they stroll past you as they too come out of the forest, an inner light bulb will come on, you will view those scars, bite marks, bumps and bruises you collected on the way, not as injuries, but as badges of courage, patience, endurance, surrender, and beauty. They become evidence of your journey, something you survived and made it through and came out the other end stronger, wiser, more beautiful. The Free as they pass may reach out and tug upon your hair, pat your head, swat your backside, and you will see that those claws you thought they possessed in the forest, they aren't claws after all, but your imagination went wild when you were in that deep dark scary place.

    Sometimes those of us slaves that have thought we completed our journey and make it out in one piece still get a bit lost when we venture back into the forest on occasion and it takes us a while to get back out, and occasionally we are able to venture in and out of the forest without tripping and fall and sometimes we come back out with more battle scars. Just remember, it's always ourselves that we battle against not the other slaves and not the Free.

    I hope to see those that are able to make it out of the forest, and perhaps we will cross paths outside or within the forests, be it our first venture through, or if we are simply in there to collect berries, nuts, twigs, etc. If you don't make it out of the forest, it will be because of your own doing or misdoings, so please do us all a favor, make sure this is a journey you are prepared for and willing to see all the way through the end. The screams from those that are eaten by the big bad monsters in the forest, those are the ones that have given up, that have demanded the Free change to suit their wants/needs/whatever instead of shifting to please the Free, and the screams are only heard by a handful still within the forest and they are rarely going to come to your rescue.