MyGorean Life Parts 6-10 of the van built

  • Tal Masters and Mistresses,
    greetings slaves,

    we are publishing another update of our van built. There is again a lot, that happened since our last update or to be more precise, from that what the last update contains. It's actually so much, that we named this update "Part 6-10" for it includes quite a lot of news.

    The last video ended with the installation of the floor plates, including insulation the floor.

    BOOM Sound in the van!

    The next thing, we did, was installing an amplifier and subwoofer to improve the sound of the new Alpine radio. The radio is fine, but we were a little disappointed with the deep bass sounds, so we have invested again into the sound on board. It was a little bit challenging, because of the size of the subwoofer. It was a bit larger than expected. But of course, we find a solution and what can I say? It fits perfectly underneath the sofa. It took some hours of taking measurements, though, and thinking, again taking measurements, drawing, thinking... but finally the result is perfect.

    Base for the bed/sofa

    Together with the installation of the subwoofer and amplifier, we also created the base for the sofa/bed. The base serves not only the subwoofer, but also as space for the heating system. The heating itself found it's place behind the sofa, the warm air pipes go through the base to the front of the sofa, where we will sit most of the time.


    Another huge step was installing windows. We had to cut four holes into the van: two on the roof, and at each side of the walls another hole. We used the tool called "Multimaster" for this and it worked pretty well. After applying some rust protection, we installed the windows and sealed them with "Sikaflex". Worked very well and it's all perfectly sealed.

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  • Blackadder
    Blackadder The van is GREAT! the Girl dos good work! I know the master is making shore she dos!
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  • Adira of Alduras
    Adira of Alduras Thank you, Master
    May 29, 2018
  • Gejay Singh
    Gejay Singh After watching this I am a theoretical car practical can be in so many ways. Great job and my respect for your self taught proficiencies! As a member of the Blue Caste I can only marvel at all that.
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