MyGorean LIFE 11 and Pure Kajira May '18

  • Tal Master and Mistresses,
    greetings slaves,

    Another big step in building our new home is done: we have installed the battery including all related electronics, which was quite demanding for we have built a LiFePO4 (Lithium Iron Phosphate) battery from singe cells. The reason why we have decided to go with this kind of battery was, because they are very efficient, relative light weighted and consumer friendly. This kind of battery, however, is not cheap. From our calculation about consumption, we will need about 100-120 amps per day (including coffee maker / espresso machine -> without 20 amps less), so we need a battery with a capacity of at least 90-100 amps. Thanks to the internet and people who are posting in forums, we learned about the possibility to build such a battery by ourselves. We got 4 singe cells, which cost about 1/3 of the complete finished battery. Additional we got a battery management system and all parts for assembling the whole thing, which costs another third of a complete battery. We saved some money and have now a 130 amps battery!

    The battery get charged by two flexible 100W solar panels. The panels are very thin and light and they are invisible when looking at the van from the ground. For now we have a small refrigerator installed as the only consumer and the batteries are full between 95-100% all day long. Excellent!

    We also have started building the kitchen furniture with a slider for the refrigerator (actually it's a cooling box with compressor) and there is our toilet already at its place.


    Still a lot of work left and due my programming work for the academy, I couldn't continue with the van build the last two weeks. Anyway, the module for enrollment, practicing and doing the exam is finished so far and already active. 





    Last but not least, there is another Pure Kajira update, too:

    Pure Kajira: May 2018

    I wish you fun by watching it,

    *respectfully bowing*

    kajira of Alduras

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  • HoustonGorean
    HoustonGorean Very good work, However you should have a back up system... I would suggest a 2500w inverter hooked to your car battery which would allow you to use the car engine for power as well. This would also allow use of a small refrigerator and hot plate. ...  more
    June 18, 2018