The Gorean Scene is Growing

  • Tal Masters and Mistresses,
    greetings slaves,

    We Get Public Attention

    Obviously this gorean community on MyGorean is growing. It's obvious because of more members are joining, but for me even more obvious because we are getting more attention in public.

    Remember we wanted to get more attention in public? For example we had ideas to have a gorean meeting within a medieval event. Also we started publishing content on Patreon. 

    Now we got a message from a big media company, who are interested to learn more about gorean lifestyle. How is that? People who have nothing to do with Gor are finding and contacting us! It's amazing! (We will report about that more soon in a separat scroll).

    Now it's even more important, in my opinion, that we stay together as one community! With all our individual experiences and opinions and thinkings, there should be (and I think there is already) a basic line we all agree to and a common understanding about our lifestyle.

    Split Community and Single Gorean Groups

    Gor is not new and we find writings and reports of groups who are or were living the lifestyle here and there, we find a huge online community especially in Second Life, who define themselves as Goreans, we find tons of groups online in other platforms like Fetlife etc and we find several websites about Gor and gorean lifestyle. But what about a gorean scene, a real gorean community. A community without splitting into endless groups, who are, in addition to that, fighting against each other and claiming, they are the only true Goreans.

    Another phenomenon I am observing is, that many Goreans declare, that they are not into BDSM and that Gor has nothing to do with BDSM. At the same time, however, one can find the same people within the BDSM scene or being active on corresponding platforms. We, too, have still our accounts on such platforms from former times, when we were using these platforms to connect to other (likeminded) people. The point is, however, that we can't say we are not of BDSM, while we are there, in fact. 

    We Are Leaving FetLife!

    Now, as we see this community growing, as we see that we get public attention, we can (finally) quit the BDSM scene for good. I do not say, that Goreans cannot be in the BDSM scene (or any other scene) at the same time as being a gorean. But for us, there is no reason to be within the BDSM scene any longer. The only reason, to have an account on BDSM platforms is (or was), to find likeminded people and win them as members here on MyGorean. Consequently, we are going to close all our accounts on BDSM platforms and are only found here on MyGorean or, for non-lifestyle people on general social media platforms like Facebook (my FB account, however, is unused).

    Lifestyle means Real Life

    One important thing in living gorean lifestyle is the real life. Gor means Home Stone. Home Stone is something real. It's not virtual. It's okay to use the internet for networking and as a modern way of communication, but it cannot replace the real life. We do live our life in real life. Sitting in front of PCs is real life too, but it is not gorean lifestyle. Living in virtual worlds might be a lifestyle as well, but another lifestyle than the gorean lifestyle. 

    Being a member on MyGorean only, being active or not, doesn't make one living the gorean lifestyle. Meeting with other gorean members, on the other hand, does. It's a great way to build up the gorean real life community in the way, we have started by the MyGorean Meetings and the upcoming Real Life Academy. It's actually that, why we get attention and it's what made a Master after a meeting saying "For the very first time in my life, I had the feeling to be on Gor!"

    I thank you all, who are supporting and who are helping to build up this community. It's an amazing feeling and it's a dream come true!

    I wish you all well,

    kajira of Alduras

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