MyGorean LIFE & Pure Kajira July 2018


    Tal and welcome to MyGorean LIFE, some insights to our lifestyle!

    Some of you know, we were planning to start our first journey with the camper van in July 15th. We have made an appointment with friends and wanted to have the camper ready for that visit.

    Well, we couldn't make it to finish the van completely. There are still some things left, we need to do... but they are little things like covering the roof, some details for a nice and smooth finish. So, the essential things are finished and ready to go!

    We visited our friends in the east of Germany and also we tested the new built camper van in real life. At the end of our tour, we visited another Master/slave couple, we had not seen for a long time. It was very nice to meet them again.

    Now, how did it work out? How was our first experience in the van and our very first van-life experience?

    Lets divide this into the good and the less good things.

    Starting with pros:

    Sleeping.... was excellent! I slept like a baby... awesome! Enough space, very comfortable, it has been just fantastic. The bed / couch is really perfect for us in the van! Also my Master could sleep very well on the bed. Some exceptions, relating to good sleep, I will tell in the con-part, but it's not the bed... so full points for the bed!

    Storage.... for that relative small van, we had surprisingly a lot of storage. My Master had packed so many boxes and bags, which I did believe to be able to put into the van... but it worked! I could find place for everything and we didn't need to leave anything at home.

    Eating... we found it very cozy and sweet to have breakfast or dinner in our van. The table was big enough to place all things on it and to enjoy our meals. Also...

    Cooking... was working very well. The kitchen area is big enough to place everything needed on the counter top. Accessing the fridge was easy, the stove was working quickly and easy to use and also the roof window is on the right place to let the vitiated air leaving the van.

    Bathroom... was more or less working as expected: using toilet and washing basin was nice, access to the cup board worked fine as well. However, I will talk about the bathroom in the con area again... there are still some things to fix.

    Electricity... is running excellent. We were using the fridge all the time, also an electric coffee grinder, all of our mobile devices and the main computer, our iMac for editing the videos. Even though one of the fuses got broken and therewith we had to replace that fuse with the one which connected the two batteries, we never ran out of power. We have two ways of charging the battery: one is by solar panels, the other by the car generator. The latter couldn't be used for a few days, because we needed the fuse for the main system. After we have bought a handful of new fuses, it was running just fine. 

    Now... the cons:

    Organizing... was a bit difficult, because we had not have time to build or buy boxes and camping dishes etc. We used just some used paper boxes from amazon and our normal dishes and tools. Even I tried to place them useful and accessible into the countertops, it was mostly necessary to put many things out to get the desired item and then again everything back, to avoid mess in the van. It's nothing wrong with the build here, but it was a bit stressful.

    Relating to sleeping: even though the bed was great, we had at some places slept less good because of disturbing lights outside. The reason is missing curtains. We have tinted windows, but it's not enough to keep the light out at night and sun during the day (it's getting very warm otherwise).

    The countertops offered a lot of space, but because of the weight of our stuff and since the furniture are made with wood, the frame slightly went out of space and consequently some of the doors just opened as we were driving. I was trying to fix it several times... we will replace the doors for the countertops.

    Toilet: well... we are using a composting toilet with separation of liquids and solids. One can buy a complete toilet like the "natures head", which costs around 1000 US$ or... to build such toilet by oneself. We did it ourselves and used a simple toilet with just a bucked inside as basis. From "Separate" we bought the DIY kit to convert the toilet into a full separation composting toilet. So far so good, but it was not so easy for me to use it. For men it's working fine, but I had to learn how to sit on it, so that the ruin didn't run to the bucket for the solid stuff. I had to clean the toilet every day and it was... well real slave work, so to say. After figuring out, how it works, it became better. Still not perfect, so again some work needed here to finish that part as well. The van to avoid smell broke during the installation, so it never worked. There was not really much smell, but when the sun was warm, there was some earth like smell. Not to compare with the bad toilet smell, but it could be less and I am sure with a running van, there will be zero smell, even during doing the business.

    The bathroom was fine, however, my Master had issues to open/close the bathroom door, since there is just not much space. Also the bathroom door opened itself sometimes, while we were driving, which I fixed for now with a simple household elastic.

    Not really relating to the van, but still causing stress: finding a place to park and sleep. We can park with our van at many places and it doesn't look like a normal camper van. However, when it is warm, one doesn't want to sit inside the van with all doors and windows closed. It was often a feeling of doing something illegal, when we were parking at public places. The official parking places for campers were mostly very expensive and also mostly full. Nothing to do with freedom... For me this is what bothers me the most of all cons. I really don't want to bother people by parking somewhere or just being there. I hope this will become easier by the time.


    It's been two very interesting and exciting weeks living in out new camper van. I think, traveling through Europe will be very great and exciting. There are a few things to be fixed for the big journey and some other things, we need to get used or to get more experiences (like the parking thing), but all in all it worked as expected and it feels like being on the right path. It's an exciting and very minimalistic pure life, which fits perfectly to the gorean lifestyle.

    We have made two videos for you, one for Silver Tarsk members and an additional one for Gold Tarn members (pure kajira including nudity). Enjoy the videos!

    Please leave your comments questions, suggestions etc below. For our journey in October, we are looking for people, who want to meet us. If you are living somewhere between north/west Germany and southern Spain / Portugal, let us know and we will try to draw  our route passing your town to meet you in person.

    I wish you well,

    kajira of Alduras