Feeling Slavery

  • Tal Masters and Mistresses,
    greetings slaves,

    this slave is so happy to be a slave! Because it's right and it's fulfilling.

    But not always, this girl is aware about her slavery at the same intense. Sometimes, it's rather knowing as a fact or even kind of being used to be a slave. But there are times, this slave does feel it's slavery so very intensively! In such moments, this slave could just jump around like crazy and hug and kiss everybody!


    I wonder why we have such moments and why we have at other times next to no slave feeling at all. Is there a method to get to the intense slave feeling?

    Probably there is a way and very likely it's not an easy one. I think it's even easier to find things, that avoid intense slave feelings:

    - stress
    - anger
    - jealousy
    - claims
    - guilt

    Anytime, I am in anger, or jealous of someone or something, anytime I claim something or I feel guilty I do not feel my slavery. It all stresses me a lot. There might be some stress, that goes along with slave feelings, depending what does cause stress. But I think if we want to get at the point to feel our slavery, it's a good idea to relax. Doing meditation or Yoga practice is a nice way to relax and calm down.

    But how to get rid of anger, jealousy or feelings of guilt? That is indeed a bit more difficult. (Actually it's quite hard).

    First we need to be willing to change it. Sounds logical, but that is not so easy done as it is said. Because someone else has done something wrong, right? Someone else did hurt us! Someone must pay back debts or has to apology! Or... we have done something wrong to someone. We feel guilty, but we can't apology. Many times there is someone else involved, when we have feelings like anger, jealousy or guilt. It could be a friend, a fellow or even one's own Master. Do we not think, the other one has to do the first step? Or it is the other one's fault anyway.

    The clue here is, that there is never another being responsible for our feelings. It's always us. Everything we feel, we feel because it's inside ourselves. Even if someone attacks us, it's ourselves, that claims justice. As long we seek the responsible one outside of ourselves, we will feel one of the above mentioned or similar moods, but we are far from being in peace with ourselves.

    Some may know that Jesus in the bible said "If one hits your cheek, offer him the other one too". One doesn't need to be a christian to understand, that it's not about to blame him, to defend oneself or even attack back. It's about forgiveness. Letting things go. It happened, it can't be undone. So why keep this bad thing inside? It's a burden, one has to carry! Try to climb up a hill while carrying a rock! You won't get far. If you want to reach the top of the hill you need to let go your burden.

    It's the same in our (slave) lives! So much burden, we pick up every day. We need to realize that at first. Well actually we need the will first. Anyway, as long we think we are right and another has to move... we will be unhappy and not be able to feel fulfillment in slavery. Maybe we'd feel slavery as a burden too! How sad is that!

    Yet, if it is our own Master, who we think it's his responsibility, that we feel bad... well it does not matter. Let it go! Never blame your Master, never blame anyone! Don't look at other slaves, who seem to be so much happier, have so much stronger Masters or look so much more beautiful. What sense does it make?

    We are slaves, we are owned or we are created to be owned and to serve. Even you are not owned yet, you can feel slavery and fulfillment. It's not because you are not owned, if you can't feel peace, it's because you didn't let go yet.

    To find inner peace, you need to accept yourself, who and how you are. You need to stop blaming others, you need to forgive everyone even yourself! Accept the world as it is and accept people as they are, accept yourself as you are. Be even thankful for everything. Thankful for the air you breath, thankful for the water you drink and the food you eat. Be thankful for the life you have.

    This leads to inner peace and with inner peace you can feel fulfillment, fulfillment in slavery. This makes you a very happy slave, one that pleases it's Master in every and any way!

    I wish you all well,

    kajira of Alduras 

  • Alduras
    Alduras It is not easy to look in the mirror first and become aware of one's own failings, when it is so much easier to blame others. In the end, everyone will have to go this way in order not only to get closer to his fellow human beings, but also to become...  more
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  • Adira of Alduras
    Adira of Alduras Thank you, Master, for your wise words *bows respectfully with a smile*
    November 5, 2018