Essay about Slave Training


    Tal Masters, Mistresses and slaves,

    this slave thanks her Master for permission to publish this essay about slave training.

    *slave bows respectfully*



    What is slave training and how to start and successfully perform slave training?


    1. The will

    First you need to be willing to start a slave training. Either as a Master/Trainer as well as a slave/trainee, you need a strong will to begin a slave training.

    Will doesn’t mean that you wish to become a trained slave or to own a well trained slave. This is the same as wanting to be rich or famous. It’s very easy to want to be rich or famous. One would like to take the credits of someone, i.e. a hero, but that doesn’t mean one really wants to be a hero. Being a hero means for example to risk ones life in order to safe other peoples live. The hero is seen as a hero, because he did something, that many if not most people would not do. If they did, the action would be average and nothing special.

    The same applies to a Master and a slave. If the slave is well trained, there was a hard time of intense training before. The question about will is, are you willing to do all the hard work to become a well trained slave or to give a slave that intense training?

    To answer that question, you want to ask yourself about your motivation. If your motive is, that other people will look up to you and adore you, for what great thing you have done, it is very likely not the right motivation to start a slave training. It’s again the wish to be seen as someone, who did all the hard work. It is selfish and ego-driven. The motivation of slave training must be to give something to the other. The trainer’s intention must be in the best interest of the slave.

    Now, one might counter, that a training, given to a slave might help the slave anyway, even if the trainer does it because of self-interest. In fact it doesn’t help the slave at all. It would rather lead the slave into frustration and it will prevent growth. We will cover this later in detail. It’s important, that one is willing to invest all efforts and energy for the result of a developed slave, ready to serve and using it’s full potential. This can’t happen as long self-interest is playing a role in terms of motivation.


    2. Readiness

    It’s one thing, to being willing to start the slave training, but another to be really ready to do so. Starting a slave training without being ready for it, can’t lead to success. Again, trainer and trainee must be ready to start with the training.

    The question is here not about will. Being willing doesn’t mean to be ready to start with the training. It just means, that one is willing to go through the process of training. Before the actual training can start, all tasks to be ready for the training need to be fulfilled. These tasks are usually not seen as part of the slave training, even though they are a part of the whole. The slave training is also part of the whole, which finally leads to ones destiny. The task of slave training also have to fulfilled, before the slave is fully developed. 

    Being ready means, that there is nothing that could or does distract the training. If there is no peace to start a training session, either slave or Trainer are distracted and cannot focus fully on the training, which then, unfortunately would lead to frustration. Frustration again will prevent readiness. It doesn’t make sense to start any slave training without both, Trainer and trainee, to be ready for it.


    3. Knowing the result

    The will and readiness about starting a slave training is a very personal thing. Probably it’s not a secret nor surprise for the Master or the slave, that slave training is desired. Slave training is in fact expected in every Master/slave relationship. Most people do start slave training just as they think it is good. Very common is repeatedly performing slave position by command. Nothing wrong about this, but this alone is not true slave training. The slave would learn to perform the slave position and that could be an important part of the slave training. However, it does not develop the slave, if it is not used as an ingredient for the actual training process. Learning slave positions does not make a slave. Also an actor could learn slave positions and perform them perfectly without even sensing a hint of slavery. It’s a performance very much like dancing or doing yoga.

    Both, Master and slave, need to be aware that slave training is meant to develop the slave. Before starting a training, the result must be clear. One cannot build a house just by collecting some stones and putting one on another. This is surely part of building a house, but it would never lead to success without knowing the result from the very beginning. To practice some slave positions or commands would never develop a slave, if it is not done with intention to achieve the wanted result.

    Now, what is the result? A perfect trained slave? Actually, the result is simply a true Master and a true slave. The result is true slavery. Not performing as Master and slave, but being Owner and owned slave. It’s finding ones destiny. Slave training is beyond mind developing or learning certain actions and performances, it is spiritual. Lack of awareness, that true slavery is a very spiritual thing, would never allow slavery to happen without abusing the slave, thus it would never lead to a happy and fulfilled slave. To be sure, a relationship can be very happy without true slavery, if both, Master and slave are not natural Master and slave. But if only one of the two are meant to become a true Master or a true slave, it only can happen in spiritual slavery. That is the result of slave training.


    4. Expressing readiness

    It is a very good thing for Master and slave to talk about slavery and also about the spiritual importance. Both, Master and slave, need to come to the same level of understanding true slavery before they can start with slave training. Once the goal is clear, both are willing to get there, it’s time to express readiness.

    There is readiness to start with the slave training process as whole and another to be ready for the next step. It’s not a good idea to only ask one time for readiness. The whole training contains different phases and units. Every time, before a new unit can begin, both Master and slave need to be ready for it. It’s wise to wait until one unit is completed, before starting another one. Sometimes there could be more than one unit running parallel at the same time, but to prevent overwhelming and frustration, the slave should focus on one unit at the time and then continue with another.

    Readiness can be expressed by the Master by asking the slave „Are you ready?“ and by the slave by just saying „I am ready, Master“. If the Master doesn’t ask, the slave can still say „I am ready, Master“ and then the Master can begin with the next unit once he is ready himself. It is important to give another time to be ready. Again, this is a spiritual development and it doesn’t make sense to start too early, if one or both aren’t ready for it yet. Expressing readiness is important and must be absolutely honest. It’s not about playing games here.


    5. Training units

    What training units do exist and with which one should a slave training begin? The question of contents of the slave training differs from Master to Master and from slave to slave. The Master has his preferences, what he like and what he doesn’t like. So would the Master prefer certain slave positions and performances over others. The slave on the other hand, is provided with certain skills or abilities, which could be developed and used for Masters preferences. In a word, it depends on Master’s taste and the slave material.

    The idea of the slave training units is, to fill the slaves life with these units. Theoretically one can start with just a little protocol, like greeting the Master or leaving a room. Probably would this be somehow demanding too little in the beginning for most Masters and slaves. However, if such things seem to little in a slave training, it’s always possible to express readiness for another unit. Such little actions should not confused with actions, that the slave already performed before beginning it’s slave training. Every unit, that has started within the slave training with awareness about the meaning and with expressed readiness, must be always performed perfectly and without exception. If there is any exception intended, it must be included into the training. The slave needs to learn the very exact action and in which situation it must perform it. This is not that simple as it might look like. If i.e. the slave is required to kneel before it’s Master to greet him, and no exception is included, the slave must perform that greeting even in public, in front of parents or friends etc. Every action the slave must perform by it’s Masters command, needs to carefully and well thought-out before before it can be included in the slave training.

    That said, it is becoming clear now, why it is important to express readiness for each step and why appealingly little things need time to settle in. The slave could certainly perform in addition many other protocols, that it’s used to perform, but especially those actions, that are units of the slave training, must be performed perfectly, always. Failing in performing such actions with absolut perfection, lead to frustration and the training can’t proceed. It’s Masters responsibility to observe the actions and performances of his slave carefully.

    By the time, the slave’s day will contain many units of the slave training and it will become more and more natural to become Masters slave. True slavery will occur once the slave is ready to become a true slave. This only can happen, when both, Master and slave are spiritual connected and if both are meant to be Master and slave. Then, and only then, the slave will be born and the Master will become it’s Owner for lifetime.


    6. Correction

    What if correction of the slaves action is necessary? If correction is necessary, it is a good sign of a failed slave training. In such a case, the Master needs to check, if the slave is being disobedient or if he, the Master, didn’t think out the action well enough. Never, a Master can blame the slave for any performed action because of the outcome of this action. The Master is fully responsible for any action, the slave performs correctly.

    If the slave performed an action not in satisfaction to the Master, the first question, the Master needs to answer is, was the action performed exact as commanded but it didn’t meet Master’s intention correctly or was the action performed different from the command? If the latter is the case, the slave has failed in it’s training, which brings it to the need of discipline. But if there is even a little doubt in the slaves disobedience, neither correction nor discipline would be the right thing at this point. Every command needs to be very clear. A slave may never need to interpret the correct meaning. If so, the slave would take over control and hence it’s not possible to become a slave to the Master.

    In fact, correction only can happen on Master’s side. In case, Master finds out, that something he had ordered the slave to learn, doesn’t work well or just if his taste has changed, the old command has to be undone and overwritten by another command. There is no correction needed, it is just another, new unit for the slave to learn. Never blame the slave for obeying a command correctly, just because you didn’t think out well enough or your mind has changed.


    7. Discipline

    In case the slave has been disobedient, and be it in a really small way, it must be disciplined. Discipline is not to confuse with punishment. Punishment is needed only for forced slavery. It will break the mind of a human being and force to obey, but it does not awaken natural and spiritual slavery. The ego of any person is fighting against the slave spirit inside. The slave senses, that it is right to obey and only obey unquestioned. The ego, however, doesn’t want to give up control and wants to first check every command, before agreeing to perform. The ego wants the slave to rather act as a slave than to BECOME a slave. The ego knows very well, that real slavery is illegal and not possible in our society. The ego knows very well, that Master does not want to become a criminal, just to really enslave the slave.

    On the other hand, the ego always wants to control the slave. It agrees to perform being a slave. The ego wants the Master to use punishment in case of disobedience, because it knows very well, that there is only that kind of punishment, the ego agrees to. Would it beyond agreement, it would automatically lead the Master to become blackmailable. Therefor, punishment cannot work.

    Discipline is different to punishment. Discipline is something the slave desires. The slave seeks discipline for any disobedience. In fact the slave spirit never fails in obedience. If the slave is disobedient, it’s because of the ego. Discipline pleases the slave spirit and heals the mess, that the ego has caused. Discipline is to neither give the ego room nor any control. The slave discipline, again, requires readiness. The Master must stop any further training, in case of disobedience. It would be just wasting time and energy. The Master just point to the failure of the slave in it’s obedience and stops the training immediately. The slave then, only can signalize it’s readiness for discipline. It’s then again Masters decision, when he performs the slave discipline and how. The slave may not have any influence in it’s discipline, never! Being ready for discipline means accepting, that the ego has successfully taken control away from the Master. 

    Slave training is only about giving full control to Master and to absolutely obedience. If the slave fails here, it’s a sign that the slave is either not yet ready for that part of slave training or not ready for the slave training at all. In both cases, it is insufficient to proceed with the training before the slave is again ready. Readiness must be taken very serious, otherwise there will be no real slave training. It is very likely, that every slave ego will try and test the Master in that way. It’s also part of the slave training and it’s no reason for frustration and resignation. However, it can’t be ignored and must lead into discipline.

    Once the slave is ready for discipline, it means at the same time, the slave is again ready for slave training. Discipline is part of the slave training, as it is physically showing that it’s Master who is in control and the lack of control of the slave. To achieve this, it is very meaningful to use devices such as chains or other tools for bondage and whips, floggers, canes etc to exercise pressure on the slave. Regardless of the slaves reaction, the Master must perform the required discipline. Again, the ego will try to control even the discipline. The slave must experience, that none of it’s reaction can influence the Master’s action. It is important, that the whole procedure of discipline does not end before the slave’s ego realizes, that there is nothing to control. To achieve this, the Master choses the duration of discipline and also the level of pressure, the count of strokes etc. Also a pause between the use of devices can be used to get the slave to the point of losing control.

    Another very helpful thing to make the slave’s ego give up on trying to control is to repeatedly ask the slave about it’s readiness. I.e. after a good whipping, let the slave confirm its readiness to proceed the discipline. Discipline doesn’t mean to be finished in a very short time. It’s finished, when it is fulfilled. It depends on the slave, when this happens. It could be quickly but it could also require a long time. The discipline can be paused if needed, but the training can only continue, after the slave has accepted, that there is no disobedience tolerated. Discipline after disobedience is extremely important and must be performed with great deal of care.

    Discipline is not only helpful after a slave has been disobedient. It can be used to prevent disobedience as well. Discipline is part of slave training and slavery and it’s very much accepted and desired by any slave. Again here, we can see that is has nothing to do with punishment. Punishment is never desired. Punishment makes the slave weak and gives a feeling of being worthless. Discipline however, strengthen the slave and only weaken the ego. That is exactly, what a Master intends.


    Thank you for reading this text. This slave received these words in a moment of meditation and asked her Masters permission to share the text with the community. She hopes it is useful for someone.

    kajira of Alduras

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