Slave happy, when the Owner is happy?

  • Tal Masters, Mistresses and slaves,

    sometimes I hear slaves saying, they are happy, when their Owner is happy.

    Usually that is the case, indeed, because it implies more or less that the slave has been pleasing. However our purpose is NOT to make our Owner happy!

    I while ago I was talking to a slave, who was very frustrated and unhappy. She said, she felt so bad, for she failed fulfilling her Masters wishes. On my question, on which task she failed, she said, she can't make her Master happy.

    Of course, she can't do that! We slaves just are not able to fulfill this. Happiness depends on many things and of course an obedient slave might make a Master (or Mistress) happy. But even if a slave is obedient, it can be that the Owner is not happy anyway, for whatever reason. Slaves are to serve their Owners, to please them in any and every way. But they only can do what they are able to do. The Master also has his own duties, his own responsibilities, his own destiny. Easy example, if the Master has two slaves, one is pleasing the other not, he is probably unhappy, even though one slave is absolutely obedient. How could the obedient slave do any better?

    Is the slave now happy? Well, probably she is sad too, but as long she is obedient, there is nothing wrong. No reason for the slave to feel bad. In such situation, it's even worse for the slave Owner, if the (obedient) slave is sad too. Being unhappy because the Owner is unhappy or because of sadness is understandable, but it's not the duty of a slave. The slave should then be serving and obeying to brighten the Owners day.

    On the other hand, the slave shouldn't pick up any burden, so if she is sad and reflects Masters sadness as well, it's – as I said earlier – very well understandable. It helps to be aware, that inside us, the Ego tries to make us feel small and weak. But we are slaves, we are not weak! We are strong and we are given strength, to fulfill our duties. If we found ourselves struggling and being frustrated, it's not too late to stand up again and serve the Masters in our finest way.

    A slave can be fulfilled and thus also happy, independently about the Masters mood. Very likely, a strong and obedient slave, serving with a smile and with passion, will paint a smile on a Master, in every situation!

    kajira of Alduras

  • anna Carol
    anna Carol Well said.
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  • Adira of Alduras
    Adira of Alduras Thank you, anna
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  • Maham Amber
    Maham Amber Exactly.

    I am to please, serve, and obey my Master. I am not responsible for him being happy. His happiness is on him. Usually, if I please, serve, and obey, he is happy. But there are often times when such things do not make him happy, when life...  more
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  • Cythe of Phoenix
    Cythe of Phoenix Absolutely, dear sister!
    The struggle is that we need to please our Masters and when we don’t, we get the pain from being displeasing and the pain for feeling Master’s pain... And it kills us...
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