Pure Kajira... Last time from Germany!

  • Tal Masters, Mistresses and slaves and especially our Supporters!

    today we are presenting another "Pure Kajira" update... perhaps last time from Germany!?

    You all know, Masters plan is to leave Germany (once again) to build up the academy somewhere else... last step in Germany was to sell the house and get a good price. So... a slave was commanded to prepare the house nicely to make the best price possible.

    Most things were already done. Just a little finish for the entrance, the floor should get a nice vinyl finish and a glas slide door for the kitchen would give the whole entrance a nice modern look. And what counts most, is the first impression a potential buyer gets.

    As usual, Master took some shots during the work and thats what we show in "Pure Kajira". This time it's also quite funny, if you listen to the conversation between Master and Adira! It's in german, though... 

    Enjoy the clip!

    For all who have not Gold Tarn, we will upload another video soon. There are some news... stay tuned!

    *respectfully bowing and smiling*

    Kajira of Alduras

    Link to the video (Gold Members Only)


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