Pure Kajira: Scenes from the training

  • Tal Masters and Mistresses,
    Greetings dear slaves,

    we proudly present this special video with scenes from the initial training in February 2019. Congratulations to dara of Lustus for finishing the initial training! She begged to continue her training and it has been granted! Well done, sister!!!

    One part of the training was "putting the slave through her paces" and it was done on a public beach. I am very proud of my sister dara, she was doing very well. The Masters decided to record some scenes from the training, which is special and probably won't happen often. Publishing scenes from the training is an exception.

    It's a special gift for our Gold Tarn members, thank you very much for your support!

    It's wonderful to see first results from the academy!

    *a slave bows respectfully*

    Kajira of Aluras

    Pure Kajira: Scenes from the training

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