A Morning in the Van

  • Greetings Masters and Mistresses,
    Greetings dear slaves!

    This morning, my Master had the idea to film how I was waking him up softly by kissing his feet! He grabbed his cam and started filming... until I served his coffee. The clip includes the normal morning duties like preparing the bed / sofa, preparing coffee and breakfast ... so it's a new Pure Kajira video! 

    What is different in the van compared to a morning in a "normal house"?

    It's definitely the space: in a normal house, I could silently prepare Master's coffee in the kitchen and bring it to his bed, before waking him up. He would then, of course, get his coffee right after I kiss his feet... at least if he wants to. He could decide to get something else... ;-)

    Preparing coffee is also different in the van, since we don't have the coffee maker. Also we have usually a breakfast, that is.. somehow a bit richer! Just because there are not so many things fitting in the little fridge! Anyway... it's fun and we enjoy to wake up at different places. Sometimes, we have a great sea view, sometimes we wake up in middle of a forrest, birds singing... or we wake up at a super market parking place *laughs* useful to get fresh bread!

    In the van with little space, it's not as comfortable. Master need to get up, before I can make the bed and turn it to the sofa. Sometimes, I prepare coffee while Master is still in the bed. It works, but it's not so really cool. One needs to organize everything: what to take out of the closet and what put back in again and in which order? Well, one learns that quickly ;-)

    It was fun at this morning and this slave thanks her Master for this!

    For our Gold Tarn supporters, we have the new film here: Pure Kajira: A Morning in the Van

    For the other members, we are preparing another video soon! There are again some interesting news... please stay tuned!

    *respectful greetings*

    Kajira of Alduras