MyGorean Meeting June 2019

  • Tal Masters, Miastresses and slaves,

    last weekend, we had another great gorean meeting! Due some issues, it’s been a long time, since we have been together with the three houses! And we have missed each other very much. We were longing so much to meet again, so you can easily imagine what a pleasure it was to meet again! And it was so familiar! 

    First I want to thank Master Phoenix for the lovely gift of the slave bells… how much I love to wear them!

    „So good, that the Masters enjoy talking together“

    At a certain moment, we slaves were released to do some „slave stuff“… like taking care of hair and being beautiful for Masters or taking care for dinner. I loved to be with my sisters and talk about our feelings. And it’s really like being true sisters. We enjoyed the time together and our conversations but beside that, we enjoyed so much, that our Masters also had time to talk. I remember Cythe saying „So good, that the Masters enjoy talking together, they need it more than us!“ And probably it’s true, because it’s not easy to deal with the society as a true man these days. Some words I caught from the Masters conversation was something about politics, society and feminism and also about how proud they are about their kajirae.

    We had also some fun in public. In a restaurant, it seemed, the waitress was not only noticing, that the present girls were collared (actually it was obviously) but also enjoying this. The Masters noticed, that she was somehow identifying herself as „property of men“ herself. At least she enjoyed serving! The Masters said, also the landlady was showing kind of interest… 

    Finally at the nudist beach, Cythe was exposed slutty as a lovely gorean slave girl. I loved her silks… I said to her Master, now I understand, why gorean free women hiss to the slaves „Disgusting! You slut! Slut! Slut!“ haha… so cool. I really need to get in better shape, because I miss to be exposed like this in public. It’s very inspiring and so helpful for us girls to be the most beautiful slave girl for our Masters. 

    Can’t wait for the next meeting and I hope it will be sooner this time!

    If you would like to be part of the meeting, please don’t hesitate and write your comment right here below this scroll. We hope it will be in our new location, near to Valencia. 

    I wish you well,

    Kajira of Alduras

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