News from the House of Alduras

  • Tal and greetings Masters, Mistresses and dear slaves,

    what an unusual feeling... typing on a real keyboard!

    Currently we are sitting in the new office in my Master's new house and both computers are up and running! Yeah!

    That means we have electricity ... at least for the moment (from the neighbor)! The house, though, is still not connected!!! We still have neither water nor electricity! Challenging! Well we have learned to deal with limited water and electric power, by living in the van, however in a normal and modern house it feels quite strange, to live with limited resources.

    Anyway, we have now the opportunity to start our computers after a long time without them. Last time, we used the computer for the last video, which is already quite a while ago. You may ask, why we couldn't use the computers the last few weeks. The answer is, that our van was supporting us until the moment, we got the keys for the house. Then problems appeared and we could use the van anymore in the way we did before. In the summer, there was a lot of sun and thus we could charge the battery more efficient, than now, where it's more cloudy and less daytime. And because of the issues with the van, we cannot charge the battery by driving around. So we have limited power from the van, which we need completely for the fridge.

    That said, we couldn't work on new videos and need to wait for being connected to electricity.

    But the changes of our plans are actually very positive. Originally we wanted to travel to Germany in order to sell the van once we got the house. Not, that we couldn't leave, we were able to sign all these documents, and contracts, that was (unexpected) required for getting connected. It was unexpected even for the person we have hired to do all the paperwork.

    And in the meanwhile we have unloaded the trailer, and built up all the furniture, started to make the house feel home, a gorean home! I hope we can somehow, even with the limitations, film a little tour and give you some impressions. Using the iPhone for filming makes it possible to edit a clip without need of the big computer, but it's more simple.

    Typing a text is more difficult with a smartphone. I am thankful, that I may use the computer now, even it might be for a limited time only, but it's possible to write a few lines and finally give you some updates.

    I am adding some pictures here, for the first few impressions and I thank all of you supporters for your help, even without weekly uploads. 

    A slave bows respectfully!

    Kajira of Alduras


    The pool area with a lovely nice swimming pool and another small one for kids. It's within a community area.


    View from our upper terrace: you can see the bridge that connects Spain with Portugal!


    The amazing beach is 20 minutes away and we are there very often!


    Another picture from the pool, this time we look towards Master's house (at the right corner)


    From the first days after unloading the trailer...


    Very messy!!!


    One of the neighbors ;-)


    And soon more... thank you for reading!

    Kisses :-)