Secret Slave Dreams #1 The Notary

  • Tal Masters, Mistresses and slaves!

    You all know, that I am a slave for many years and it's quite normal for me. However I still have exciting dreams about slavery, which arouses me. Some KT-subscribers will recognize some of the writings. With permission of my Master, I am now going to publish them in scrolls here for all MyGorean members. I hope you do enjoy reading!

    Please let me know, what you think and if you'd like me to continue this particular story.

    Kajira of Alduras


    The Notary

    It was an ordinary day, when my Master snapped his fingers and ordered me to follow him. We were going through the streets, it was a great sunny day in mid summer times, many people were passing with happy faces. I was barefoot as always and wearing a short and light dress, nothing else, no underwear, no bra, no pants, only my ankle cuffs and bracelets and of course the collar around my neck. But these things are not clothes, that I was wearing, they were signs of my slavery. So I was also wearing my brand on my left light, but again, this didn't count as clothes.


    When we arrived our destination, my Master pointed on the floor, on a mat, which was placed left beside the huge wooden entry doors. It was a representative villa with large pillars, carrying the roof. Right above the mat, there was a iron ring at the wall, apparently to attach a leash on it. I thought it was intended for animals like a dog, but since I was made to kneel on the mat, it was me, who has' leash has been attached to the ring at the wall.


    "Wait here, slave!" said my Master before he entered the house.

    "Yes, my Master!" I replied.


    I looked around and I saw people passing and interestingly not really taking notice of my situation. It seems, they either just didn't notice me kneeling and chained at the wall or... they were used to it? I couldn't believe, people were used to see slaves kneeling and chained on the mat before this huge country house. But then a man passed the house very closely and he looked at me, as he passed. He didn't stop and ask anything, he just looked at me as he looked at other things he saw on his way. And another man passed. Even a woman passed and shook her head. Was it my fault to be chained here? "Arrogant woman!" I thought. Then another woman passed, with a little boy. The boy was pointing at me, but his mother pulled him away.


    "That's a slave, don't show attention" she said.


    That was interesting. She addressed me as slave! Yes, I know I was a slave, but.. was it that obviously? There were many people living some kink, gothics for example or people from BDSM subculture. They, too, wore collars and walked barefoot here and there. But all these people here, seemed to be used to see slaves, real slaves. Am I a real slave?


    The door opened and my Master came out. He released my leash.


    "Heel, adira!" said my Master.

    "Yes, Master!" I said and I rose on my feet. Then I followed my Master as commanded into the house.


    Inside the house, there was a long corridor with wooden floor. Right behind the doors, there was a deepening, perhaps one by one meter, filled with water.


    "Step in and wash your feet!" my Master said, pointing to the deepening.


    I obeyed. Then my Master commended me to take my dress off. He took it from my hands and went down the corridor. I had to follow.


    It was a strange feeling now, being completely naked in... a public place. This was clearly not a private house. It was too big and too formal for a private home. Maybe of a very rich person or a very important person. But it seems to be something official. But one the other hand, it couldn't be official, because usually, if we have been in official or public locations, I was dressed rather modestly and discreetly. But here, I was naked! Totally naked! 


    I followed my Master. He knocked on a big wooden door. A voice of a man said "Enter!" My Master opened the door and pointed me in. While my Master held the door open, I was made to enter the room. I stood now naked before a man, I have never seen before.


    "Position!" my Master commanded.


    I knelt on widely parted knees, brought my arms on my back, wrists crossed. I had my head slightly bowed. I could feel, how the man looked at me. 


    "This is she?" the man asked,

    "Yes, it's my slave" said my Master.

    "What is your name, slave?" the man asked.

    "My Master calls me adira" I said.

    "Fine. What is your real name?" asked the Master.

    "Master?" I didn't know, what exactly I should answer. My real name? My official name?

    "Do you have a passport or ID-card?"

    "Yes, Master, my Master has my documents." I said, little unsure.


    Then my Master handed my documents to the man.


    "Thanks." said the man.

    "She is not used to her legal name anymore." my Master explained.

    "I see." said the man. "Stand, slave!"


    I obeyed.


    "What are you?" asked the man.

    "I am a slave" I replied quickly.

    "Why do you think, you are a slave? You have documents of a free person!"


    I paused. Of course I have documents. Wouldn't it be weird, if I hadn't?


    "I am a slave, because I submitted to my Master, Master! I said hesitant.

    "Okay. But if you don't want to be your Masters slave anymore, you could freely end your relationship and go away, right?"

    "Legally yes, Master but..."


    "But I am a slave by my heart, Master, a natural slave, no matter whether or not it was legally possible.", I explained.


    The man wrote something on his script. Then he rose from his chair and regarded me. He took his script and a measuring tape and started measuring my body. He noticed everything on his script. Then he looked into my eyes.


    "Hmm, green eyes, okay"

    "Slave, open your mouth!"


    I opened my mouth widely. 


    "Okay, done!"

    "Now, girl, tell me, can you read and write?"

    "Yes certainly, Master, I can read and write." I said puzzled.

    "Read this, cross through the passages with this pencil, you don't agree, underline things you agree or that apply to you and sign the document finally." the man said skilled "oh and.. if you don't agree or you don't accept to sign anything, you can even through the document away, understood?"

    "Yes, thank you Master!" I said and took the document from his hands.


    I looked at my Master and he nodded to me, so I dared to start reading.


    On top I noticed my formal dates like name, surname, date and place of birth etc. It looked again very formal, like a contract if one buys a piece of property at the notary. Notary... hmm, it reminds me to a notary here. The man also looks exactly as a notary. I looked around carefully to confirm, that this is a notary. But it couldn't be true. Notaries are very serious people and don't accept naked women inside the office. I continued reading.


    The next passage was filled with my slave name, date of enslavement, my Masters name as owner and all the measurements, that the man has taken from me. Interestingly the date of enslavement was subtitled as "declared date of enslavement" and behind it, there was another line with the subtitle "Enslavement in force", which is left open. I wondered, what exactly that meant. From my knowledge as a law student, I assumed, this would mean my real enslavement. But I knew, that by law, slavery was illegal. So this couldn't be legal, it must been a game played with me.


    However, it was an exciting game and I continued reading:


    I herewith agree, that I will become fully property of the above mentioned owner. He would then be legally the owner of the slave and his legal right can and will be enforced by the law and authority. I understand, that I am giving up my human rights, as for example my legal status of a free person, my legal names including citizenship, legal documents like passports or other ID-cards, all given rights of education, employment, driving any vehicle. I agree to become legally a slave and property, an animal.


    I gulped. By reading these lines, I was suddenly scared. What if this was not a game? I looked at my Master. He looked at me, somehow seriously, somehow friendly and calming. I took a deep breath and looked back into the script.


    As a slave, I will be registered at the notary and I will be known as slave in all authorities. Any authority can easily check my status as slave and recognice me as a slave. I will be returned to my owner, if I would be picked up by any authority. As a slave, I have to obey the commands of free persons, no matter if they are my owner or not. I can be punished by any free person. As slave I can be bought and sold or auctioned like any other animal. The law of animal protection basically also applies on me as a slave. However, I know that I cannot claim any rights on this matter, even there were laws to protect me as animal.


    I understand, that this is my last step as a free person and I will hereafter be enslaved until my owner officially, at the notary declares my manumission. Without manumission documents, I will remain a slave and can be sold to any free person, even my owner has released me.


    Then, after the text, there were three options to choose:


    I have read this document carefully and I want to truly become a slave.


    I have read this document and I disagree becoming a legal slave. I want this document to be terminated.


    I need time to think over this process. I want this document to be kept in case I decide to become a legal slave later.


    Next line was to sign the contract.




    And that's all for today. Thank you for reading and again I hope you enjoyed my secret dream. It will be continued...


    I wish you well


  • Elton Robb
    Elton Robb Interesting. Slavery as a contract between you and your Master.
    November 17, 2019
  • Adira of Alduras
    Adira of Alduras Tal Master, yes it's a phantasy, though... but an exciting one. From my believes, I am slave of my Owner anyway, and already more than 14 years. But somehow, I like the idea of being legally enslaved.
    November 18, 2019 - 1 likes this
  • luna  uncollared
    luna uncollared The idea of a contract is very exciting to me... to know your are a full slave to your master, no way out, no freedom anymore. I think this is the type of thoughts I am dreaming about this night... please write so more storys. <3
    November 25, 2019 - 1 likes this