Secret Slave Dreams Fellow Student #2

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    The Fellow Student - Part 2



    I was then gagged and blindfolded. My hands were bracelet behind my back. I was helpless and naked!

    „24 hours!“ said my Master „Enjoy my kajira!“

    „I will for sure!“ said Mistress Cora grinning, while she attached a leash on my collar. „It seems you trust me a lot to give your slave to me, Sir!

    „She is a slave“, said my Master adding „she will survive!

    Then he turned and walked back to his car. Before he entered, he added „I think you are aware, that you have a beautiful throat, Lady?

    „I don’t understand“ the Lady Cora said a little irritated.

    „You won’t damage my girl!“ said my Master, „Don’t play games with one of the blue yellow caste, Lady!“ then he closed the door and started the engine.

    I felt the leash being pulled and I followed … naked! Naked in public, following a young girl. This can’t be real! Yesterday in the morning, I was studying with her in the library! We were discussing some cases, preparing our home work for the next class. We were equal, both students, both girls. But now, it’s nothing as it was. She hold the leash! And I follow, naked, my hands bound, my mouth gagged and blindfolded, a slave following her Mistress!

    So many thoughts ran through my mind. There were noises of people passing somewhere near, children even, sounds of a normal city. I heard a door open.

    „Step in, be careful!“ I heard Mistress Cora saying. She was silent the last few minutes. Perhaps it was less than a minute, I didn’t know. It felt almost like an hour.

    „We go up the stairs, watch your steps!“

    Carefully I felt the first stair, then the next. I think it was on the second floor, when someone came downstairs.

    „Hi Cora!“ said a female voice. Then I heard a kind of shocked noise „Huh? Cora!!!“

    Oh my goodness! There is another woman seeing me in this state, naked, gagged and leashed! And my face is not hooded, she might even recognize me, should she be another fellow student! Please wake up, adira, this is just a dream!

    „You have a slave now?“ the female voice asked in a slightly laughing tone. Obviously this was a little bit overwhelming for someone, who doesn’t know about this lifestyle.

    „Ehhm, no, she is from a friend“ Mistress Cora said and after a short pause she continued „but who knows! She might be very useful!“

    With this words, she pulled the leash „Further, slave!“. I followed. I had no choice, but to obey. Not that I was just naked, I had no idea where I was. Too, I was gagged and blindfolded. And last not least my hands were bracelet behind my back. How should I escape this situation? Plus, I was extremely aroused by that situation.

    „Here we are, „ said Mistress Cora as she opened a door „Position, slave!“ she commanded and detached the leash from my collar. I knelt with my legs together, my hands of course behind my back, since they are physically bound.

    „What a wonderful situation, having you kneeling before me now, you little slut“

    I felt her eyes on my nude body. There was again silence. Did she leave? Or was she still watching my naked and helpless body? At least I felt, that she was regarding me, as I knelt as a slave before her, my friend. Is she still my friend? Or am I now just a slave, subject to her commands?

    Suddenly I felt a stroke on my thighs! I moaned. It came very unexpected and it burned on my flesh.

    „Open your legs, you slut!“

    I obeyed instantly, no even thinking or realizing what Mistress Cora had commended. Was she not a free woman? Didn’t she know, that a kajira kneels in Tower position before free women?

    „I want you to kneel shameless and open before me, slave!“ I heard the Mistress speaking. „Kneel as shameless as  you are, you naked slut! Yesss! Very good“

    I had my legs apart as much as possible. Ohhh no, how humiliating! I could clearly smell, how aroused I was! I couldn’t hide it. And I was not permitted to hide anything. Not even before a free woman!

    Then I felt her cold hand touching my inner thighs. She was now close. Very close!

    „Oh yes, you are such a slut!!!“ Mistress Cora said triumphing. Then she ran her fingers further up towards my heat. Noooooo please, stop this! I am your friend! I am your fellow student! We are the same! We are both females!!!

    „How different we are“ she said. „You are truly a slave and nothing but a slave!“

    Then Mistress Cora removed my blindfold. „That you can see how different we are, slave!“

    She stood now before me, looking down at  me. She was dressed as usual in Jeans, a wide pullover and a beautiful scarf loosely wrapped around her neck, which was clearly without a collar. Indeed we were very different. And she wore shoes of course, while I was barefoot. I didn’t dare to look up to the free woman.

    „You are mine for 24 hours!“

    She walked around me, holding a switch in her hand. Touching my back with the switch she said „You will feel this switch every time, you do not fully please me, understand, kajira?“

    I nodded.

    She ungagged me and also released my hands. Then, still being behind me, she grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, with her other hand she grabbed my chin and moved my head towards her own face. She kissed my lips and smiled at me. „You are mine!“ she said once again and kissed me again. I responded to her kiss and closed my eyes, my lips slightly apart.

    She laughed and slashed my face. „Slut! A true slut!“

    „Yes Mistress,“ I said, lowering my head „please forgive me, Mistress!“

    „Nothing to forgive! You are what you are, little one!“

    „A slave is grateful, Mistress!“ I said devotefully.

    Look at me! Did I submit to my fellow? I should have told her, that we are here on Earth and not on Gor. I should have explained, that this is not like slavery in the past, where slaves were property. I am not goods, I am not to be bought and sold. But look at me! Naked kneeling before this Mistress, accepting that I am slave!

    „What are you“ the Mistress asked.

    „I am a slave girl, Mistress“, I heard myself answering.

    Hello!!!! Wake up! You need to stop behaving as a slave. Don’t give the Mistress the feeling, that she is right!

    „What is a slave girl?“ she continued while she walked slowly around me. She touched my body with the switch.

    „A girl who is owned, Mistress“

    My responses came instantly. I was well trained. There was no room to think, the replies are trained to come instantly and quick. My Master regularly put me through slave paces, where I had to answer to different questions and perform commanded positions. Good, that Mistress didn’t know so much about slave paces.

    „And who owns you, sweet kajira?“

    „I am owned by Master Alduras, Mistress“

    „ALDURAS!!!“ she cried in rage! „Not I???“ I felt a hard stroke on my back. It burned! I got tears in my eyes.

    „Have mercy with a slave, Mistress!“ I begged.

    „I OWN YOU!“ she said angry and stroke me again and again.

    „Please Mistress, have mercy, have mercy!“

    „Obeisance, kajira!“ she demanded.

    What have brought me into this situation? I had now to bring my head down to the floor before my fellow student, my friend! She made me feeling like a slave, like HER slave!

    „Who owns you, slut?“ the Mistress Cora repeated her question.

    „I am owned by you, Mistress!“ I said hesitantly

    „I can’t hear you, slave!“

    „You own me, Mistress“ I said more clearly. I knew, it was not true and probably my Master would be sad, hearing me saying these words. But would my Master not want me to obey the Mistress? What a difficult situation!

    „Yes, you are mine!“ she repeated and then after a moment she added „…for now!“

    The voice of my fellow had calmed down. It seemed, she realized, that she didn’t own me. She walked around me and stopped then before me. „Kiss my feet!“ she commanded.

    I kissed her feet, though she was wearing her shoes.

    „You may take my shoes off“

    „Thank you, Mistress“, I said and started opening the left shoe, then widened the fabric to let the Mistress slip out easily. The same with the other shoe. Then, after she had taken off her socks, she stand with bare feet before me.

    I kisses her feet softly and started then licking her feet. I heard she slightly moaning. I continued licking her lovely feet. She had her toes white painted, On the second toe from the left at her left feet, she wore a ring. I kissed it and licked all her toes.

    „Good girl“, she said pleased. Then she clapped her hands and commanded me back in position.

    „You will clean the floor now, then clean the bedroom and prepare it for later.“ Mistress Cora instructed me. „I will prepare dinner in the meanwhile“

    Wow, now I am being used for domestic services. Of course, I am slave… but! But? No but, slave! Obey… that’s what you are expected to do!

    „Ah and… you will stay on all fours, my little pet! Understood?“

    „Yes, Mistress!“ I said, looking around to find the tools for cleaning.


    I finished cleaning the floor and the bedroom quickly and it seemed, that Mistress Cora was pleased so far. The bedroom was not really very special, I didn’t notice any unusual tools or items in the bedroom. It was cozy and tasteful furnished. The bed was perhaps a meter by two, so only for one person. In the background I heard Mistress singing in the kitchen, while she was preparing dinner. I was indeed hungry.


    „Yes, Mistress?“

    „Come here!“ she called me. On my fours I crawled into the kitchen. Naked on my four. Never again, the Mistress Cora would seriously discuss any law cases with me, the slave!

    „You are a very useful slave girl! I should try to buy you!“ she laughed.

    „As Mistress wishes“ I said, hoping this would never happen. Owned by a woman! And even a fellow student, much younger than I am!

    I didn’t know, what she had cooked, but it tasted very delicious. Perhaps it was chicken? Oh how hungry I was!

    „Stay on your fours, while I eat!“ she said.

    I listened her eating. She ate, and I waited naked on my four on the floor! Didn’t she know, that a slave, too, needs to eat? I was sooo hungry!

    „Ahhh that is so good! I was half starved!“ I heard her saying „And regarding a naked slave, it tastes just double so good!“ she explained. „Here lick my feet again, you are doing this so nicely, slave“

    „Thank you, Mistress“, I said and began licking her feet once again.

    „Clean everything, slut! Also between the toes and don’t forget my soles!“

    She ate more of her dinner, while I licked the feet of a woman, who is perhaps 20 years younger. She kept me naked on the floor like a pet, while she ate delightful. Yes, I understood very well, that we were different.

    „Your Master,…“ she said with a full mouth „he is a funny man!“ I kept on licking.

    „He said something about blue yellow things.. do you know, what he meant?“


    „What did he mean when he said, being from blue, yellow caste?“

    „My Master is of the Slavers, Mistress“


    To be continued



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