Secret Slave Dreams: The fellow student Part 3

  • Greetings Masters and Mistresses, also dear slaves!

    Here comes another part of my "Secret Slave Dreams" story, The Fellow Student! Thank you so much for all your likes and comments so far... it's a pleasure to share this fantasies with you.

    I hope you enjoy the third part as well!


    Kajira of Alduras




    „Your Master,…“ she said with a full mouth „he is a funny man!“ I kept on licking.

    „He said something about blue yellow things.. do you know, what he meant?“


    „What did he mean when he said, being from blue, yellow caste?“

    „My Master is of the Slavers, Mistress“

    „Of the…“ she nearly chocked over her food „.. the slavers?“ she said clearly surprised 

    „Yes, Mistress“, I said cautiously not wanting to be punished for this fact or, let’s say for saying this too much in triumph. Of course I had noticed that, when my Master has warned the Mistress. Was she not a female like me? Should she not kneel naked before a man and serve him passionately? Should she not lick his feet and beg to be touched?

    „Does your Master… enslave free women…, slave?“ she asked and her voice was now somehow more serious.

    „He has collared me, Mistress!“ I said.

    „But because you submitted by your own will, right slut?“ the Mistress rose and walked to the window, looking out to the people in the street. I saw her back facing me. She was tall and from what I could see, she had lovely shapes. She would surely make a very beautiful slave girl.

    „Yes, Mistress, I would think so.“ I replied. Of course I wanted to become a slave, but did I really know, that I would become a real slave? I mean, is it not normal to think about being a slave of a man for any woman, in their dreams? Then you find your partner and start acting as Master and slave. You might get your lovely ass spanked and you enjoy to be commanded to strip before that man. Surely it excites you and you extend your wrists towards the man, to be bound. Then you enjoy being helpless before the Master, as a slave. I wanted all such things. But did I know, that I might end up as a slave, who could be given to another free person, without asking my approval? Did I ever realize, that I might end up kneeling before a fellow student, not being respected as her equal?

    „You wanted to become a slave, you slutty whore!!!“ she cried and faced me again. She approached me and I quickly knelt in perfection  with my legs widely spread, my back straight and my hands on my thighs. I kept my head up but lowered my eyes before the free woman. Somehow I was very proud of being what I was. It’s true, that I enjoyed being naked before Masters and that I enjoyed their eyes on my nude body. Further it’s true, that I was always aroused when Masters were giving me their attention. I always longed to ne touched and to be allowed to please them. I think, it’s true, what the Mistress Cora said, that I was a slut.

    „Yes, Mistress“, I said.

    „And I am a noble free woman!“ she explained, „so different from you, slave!“

    „Yes, Mistress, certainly you are very different!“

    „I would never undress before a man, if he is not my boyfriend! And even before him, I think, I would prefer to have the light switched off, so he only can see little of me.“

    I said nothing. Actually I couldn’t believe, that she would not want to hear a man saying, that she is beautiful, or that she has sexy curves. But perhaps, I am truly so much different from this free woman.

    „Men can see my beauty also, when I am fully dressed! I don’t need to show them my naked skin like an animal like you!“

    I knelt in position an did not speak. Why does she justify herself? Is there any reason?

    „Your Master, „ she said then thoughtful, „he said, I have a beautiful throat, did he not?“

    „I have heard such words from him, Mistress“

    „Does he find me attractive?“

    I did not speak.

    „Surely he does find me attractive!“ she answered herself.

    She looked at me. „What would you think, if there was another woman in your Master’s house?“ she said with a grinning smile.

    I looked up to her, somehow surprised about her question. 

    „Mistress?“ I asked, not sure what to say.

    „Don’t pretend to be stupid!“ she turned away and sat back on her chair. 

    „I … I had have slave sisters, Mistress, it’s nothing new to me!“ I said.

    She laughed. „Silly slave girl!“

    Puzzled I lowered my head. I didn’t understand her intention. Surely she is in thought about my Master’s words. What could it mean, when someone of the blue/yellow caste finds a throat of a woman interesting or beautiful? 

    „Come here and eat the rest of my dishes“, she said while she placed her plate on the floor next to her feet.

    Then I felt how hungry I still was. I have forgotten about my hunger, but now as I was invited to feed, I felt half starved. Thankfully I kissed Mistress’ feet and started eating.

    „Hands on your back, slave! You may eat like an animal without using your hands!“

    I put my hands behind my back, crossed as if bound. I have learned from my Master, that this is considered bound by Master’s will and I hoped, Mistress would know it as well. Beding down to the floor without using the supporting hands was a little more difficult and I had to slightly adapt my position in order to keep my balance.

    While I was eating, I felt how Mistress touched my thighs with her toes. Slowly she was exploring the area and coming slightly closer towards my heat. I heard myself slightly sighing.

    „You are very hungry, kajira, are you not?“

    I nodded.

    „Not only in your stomach…“ she said while she ran along my labia with her toes.

    „So responsive“ she laughed, „even to the touch of the toe of a free woman!“

    I moaned a little. Of course I couldn’t pretend, that this all would not excite me. Even by a touch of a free woman. After all I was a slave and I had to obey another woman now. She was free.

    „I think I will have a lot of fun with you, my little fellow!“ she said amused.

    „Go in position, slave and face me!“ she commanded then.

    The Mistress Cora has turned slightly so that I could kneel before her without being below the table. I knelt again in Nadu before her, this time with my wrists crossed on my back. It’s on one hand, what my Master has taught me as „standard position“ also called „Thentis Nadu“ or Nadu variation of Thentis. One the other hand, the Mistress had not released my bound wrists, so I assumed, she wanted me to keep my hands on my back.

    „So good!“ she applauded, „I start loving to have a slave around!“

    The she took a gag out of her handbag and grinned brightly, very proud to have such a tool and even more proud as she noticed my surprised face. „Open your slave mouth, my little amiga“, then she put the gag into my mouth and closed it securely behind my head. I was now gagged again.

    The she attached the leash again on my collar and rose. 

    „Follow me, you horny slave girl!“

    I quickly rose to my feet and follow the Mistress towards the bedroom. There she pushed me back towards the wall until my back touched it.

    „Hands up, slave, above your head!“

    She locked my wrists in hand cuffs, which were attached to a chain. The chain was attached to a hook at the ceiling. I stood more or less comfortable, but then the Mistress forced me to spread the legs.

    „Widen your legs, slut, you will not hide your cunt, not even before another woman!“

    Then she attached a metal bar on both iron anklets. I could not close my legs anymore and I could not move because of my chained hands.

    I stood now naked and helpless before my fellow student!

    „You look very beautiful this way, „ the Mistress Cora said joyful, „helplessly exposed… so lovely!“ she added and laid herself back on her bed, regarding me, a naked slave.




    to be continued