Secret Slave Dreams: The Notary #2

  • Secret Slave Dreams: The Notary - 2


    I stood naked in the office of a notary. My Master brought me here to sign my agreement to become legally a slave and property. I couldn’t believe, that this really happened. Of course, I was so often dreaming about that and I had the wildest fantasies of being truly enslaved. Actually, I always was attracted by the idea of being enslaved, being property of a Master, helpless and not permitted to deny any service, that is commanded.

    The notary has handed the document to me. I had read it several times. Two men were waiting patiently. „Take all time you need“, said the notary, „it’s no rush here. If you want, you can get another appointment for signing your wish for enslavement!“

    „No, no… I will sign, Master“, I heard myself saying. What??? Wait, wait.. nooo, do not sign this! My thoughts ran wild. I felt something inside myself pushing me to sign it, at the same time my mind ran crazy and warned me not to sign or at least to come back another day.

    „My girl, „ said my Master, „I see you are a little bit stressed?“

    „Oh no my Master, I … I am only …“

    „We will come back another day, Sir“, my Master said.

    „Why, Master? I will sign, I will sign! Please, Master!“ I begged, but my Master took the document and handed it to the notary.

    „Very well“, the notary replied and took the document back, unsigned.

    I looked at the Notary, then at my Master. „Please, Master! My Master!“

    „You have no permission to speak, slave“

    I nodded and lowered my head. Why did I not sign? How silly have I been! I was so sad, that the time for signing my enslavement has ran out. Would the chance come back? And, was my Master now not disappointed? I was so sad.

    „Heel, slave!“ my Master said and left the room. He seemed not to be pleased. Probably he was expecting me to sign eagerly and thankfully. And I wanted! Yes, I was just to take the pencil and sign it! It was not a big deal, was I a slave anyway. So what? I was just a little bit overwhelmed, that such thing truly existed. How could I know? Because when I have studied law at the university, slavery was clearly illegal! I remember, that I was doing some research in this matter, because some Masters from the gorean community have asked me to find out, how one could legally state a contract for enslavement.

    Master left the building and I followed him, naked and leashed. We were walking a while, when my Master detached the leash and gestured me to walk at his left side. The he started talking to me, while we continued walking.

    „Now tell me, my Adira, what do you think about the contract for enslavement?“


    „You have studied law! What do you think?“

    „I am a little bit confused, my Master, forgive me please!“

    „I know you are confused. It’s nothing to forgive, my girl.“

    „Thank you, my Master“, I said relieved.


    „It seems to be very wisely written, Master. It bases on a free decision.“, I started explaining my thoughts.


    „Actually there is a law, that declares contracts invalid, should the be immorally. This is usually the case with enslavement, Master“

    „I see“ he said.

    „But a Notary should know that, no Master?“

    „I suppose so“

    I was not sure about anything anymore. Was I not completely naked now in public? At that time there were not many people around, but I noticed here and there someone coming relatively close. People must have seen me naked and leashed.

    „Do you enjoy walking naked in public, slut?“ my Master said, obviously reading my thoughts.

    „I do love it, Master!“ I replied with a smile.

    My Master laughed. „Of course you love this!“

    „Yes, Master“ I said happily.

    „Master?“ I asked?


    „Is this not forbidden as well, Master?“


    „That I walk naked in public?“

    „Why should it be forbidden to keep an animal naked?“

    „Yes, Master. It makes sense, but…“

    „You think, people don’t see you as animal“?

    „I heard a free woman telling her child, that I am a slave, but…“

    „But what? Is it not true?“

    „Of course it is true, Master. How comes, that the world has changed?“

    „Do not think so much, girl. Thats something for the Free. Focus on your duty!“

    „Yes, Master“ 

    „What is the duty of a slave girl?“

    „Absolute obedience, Master“, I replied and I noticed a warm feeling filling my heart.

    Actually I wanted to ask Master, when we would return to the Notary to sign the document, but Master has made very clear, that I shouldn’t busy myself with these matters. Why is it important? Is it not enough to obey my Master? 

    And then I realized that I, much too often, was busy thinking how to make an enslavement legal. Let’s say there was any loophole in the law and one could create a contract, which then would enslave someone. It would make at first a lawyer busy to create such a contract. Then, let’s say if the self-enslaved girl would regret the decision and find someone, who would listen to her, it might keep a number of people busy to check the contract, perhaps to claim that it’s against human rights etc, a lot of stress for nothing!

    What could this piece of paper make reality, if it was not there anyway? Is it not, that I know my rightful enslavement deep inside my heart? Is it not, why I was seeking a Master, who finds me worth collaring? Am I not a slave, no matter what others say, including the law and authorities?

    It’s so good, to know, that nothing can ever take this from me! I am slave and that’s what I am created for.




    Thank you for reading this story, Master, Mistresses and slaves! You noticed, that I have blended the dream into the reality. It just happened, while I was writing the story… interesting, isn’t it? I was myself surprised. Right now I feel really very fulfilled and I am very thankful!


    Thank you for reading this!

    Kajira of Alduras