Secret Slave Dreams: The fellow student Part 4

  • Tal dear Masters, Mistresses and slaves,

    here is another short story about the fellow student. I hope you enjoy it!



    The Fellow Student - Part 4



    I stood now naked and helpless before my fellow student!


    „You look very beautiful this way, „ the Mistress Cora said joyful, „helplessly exposed… so lovely!“ she added and laid herself back on her bed, regarding me, a naked slave.

    „Now I have a little surprise for you, my lovely fellow!“, she said, while her glance was focused on an exposed and helpless slave girl. What have me brought in this situation? Thinking back just two days, we both were sitting together in the library, studying books, talking about complicated cases. I remember that we had almost an argument about a couple of things. Then, I was not at all submissive or devoted to her. After all, she was a much younger girl, perhaps needs to learn a lot of life lessons. And now? I am not just made to understand, that she is the one, who has the last words, but I am even completely naked, exposed before her, helplessly chained in a very vulnerable position.

    „Do you like this, slut?“ she said with an amused tone. „Remember our last discussion in the library?“

    Oh no, she remembered! Of course, it’s been just two days ago. But it was extremely different. Then I was dressed and equal with her. Now, she is the one who was dressed, the only one! I couldn’t believe, that this really happened. Such things only happen in wild dreams. Surely I must wake up every moment! Wake up, adira, wake up!

    But I didn’t wake up. I stood there before my fellow, as a slave. 

    „I know, that you like this! I can smell it! I can read your eyes and feel your heart!“ she laughed. „You are truly a slave! And you belong in the collar… forever!“

    She rose from her bed and stood then close before me. „I will show you now, how a free woman presents herself to someone else!“ Then she began slowly to open her scarf. With a roguish smile, she removed the scarf and observed me how I was watching the scene. Then she took the scarf and blindfolded me with it. I was not able to see her anymore.

    Then I heard movements around me. It were typical noises from removing cloths. Is she going to undress? And why? Would a true free woman do such things?

    „If you could see me now…. what a pity you cannot!“ she said „I think you are missing something!“

    Perhaps she only pretended, that she took her clothes off. Perhaps she just removed a little. Certainly she did not undress completely. It would look too similar to me, if she was naked as well. Or did she secretly long for a collar as well? I was waiting for such a question, if she was not beautiful or similar. Like I have read many times in the Gor novels. 

    „Perhaps, I should allow the girl to feel me…“ she said as if she was talking to herself. „but perhaps, that would make her tell her Master about it. The Master, who is a slaver!“

    I heard her walking around. She whispered in my right ear „I am barefoot“ 

    „But does it matter, if you know whether or not I am naked?“ she laughed „Surely it doesn’t matter! I am a free woman!“

    Then she heard her whispering in my left ear „I am… completely….“ 

    There was a pause.

    Then, suddenly I felt my ears boxed! „SLUT!“ she cried „SLUT!!! How dare you to think me, your Mistress, naked!“ I heard her speaking in rage.

    What a crazy fellow, she is! Yes, I thought, she would fit very well into a collar!

    Then she laughed again and I heard how she let herself fall back on her bed. „I know, what you think, slut!“ she said. „And now listen carefully, nude slave girl!“

    She switched on music. It was not too loud. Not exactly my taste of music, but what did that matter?

    Beside the sounds of music, I couldn’t hear much additional noises. Was it a more calmer piece of music, I had perhaps the chance to catch some background noises, but with this music, it was really hard.

    While I was trying to listen, I felt some kind of warmth. I had the feeling, that someone was standing next to me. I turned my head slightly into the direction, where I felt the warmth coming from. I took a deeper breath through my nose. Was there the scent of… female liquids? The warmth moved around me. I couldn’t hear anything because of the music, but I could feel it. She was close!

    And indeed, as if she knew me suspicions, she removed my gag.

    „Don’t close your moth, slut, I have something else for you …“ 

    There was the smell again, now more intense! Then I felt, how she moved something into my mouth. Instinctively my tongue started feeling the item all over and I quickly identified that thing as something familiar. It had the shape of what I call „Master’s sword“, probably more known as dick or just penis. Oh how much I loved this! Immediately I started sucking it eagerly.

    „Oh look what a damn slut you are! Fucking slut!“ she cried with joy.

    While I was sucking the dildo, I felt a hand touching my left thigh. Slowly she moved her hand upwards on my inner thigh, then just before arriving my love grotto, she did the same on my right thigh. Then she went with her hand from the inner to the outer thigh all the way to my butt. Again very close to my heat, she turned backwards and repeated the same on the other side. She removed then the dildo from my mouth and started kissing me.

    „Are you aroused, slave?“ she asked.

    „I am, Mistress!“ I said.

    „Did you enjoy the taste of the dick, hmmm?“

    „It was very tasty, Mistress“

    „Of course it was!“ she grinned „would you like to taste it again?“

    „Please, Mistress“ I begged

    „Please… yes?“

    „Mistress, please….“ then I had the thing again in my mouth. Again I could taste her juices on it. No, that’s not a true free woman! She has sexual desires and… she does not do anything to keep this secret. Of course, I am slave, what does it matter to show a slave, if one has sexual desire?

    Sucking her juices passionately from the dildo, I could feel her hands again on my skin. She would end soon in a collar, I thought by myself, somehow pleased, that she wasn’t so much different from me!


    I was kneeling on the floor, my wrists bound on my back. Unable to use my hands, I was fed my the Mistress. She kept me naked all time and mostly I was bound or chained. She had me sleeping on the floor, in front of her bed, where I was chained before, with my legs spread. She was playing with me, never touched my heat, though. I was so much aroused. I was sure, that she had undressed herself and that she had pushed the dildo into herself, because I licked off the sex toy and there was undoubtedly her liquids on it. They were definitely not from me!

    „Had you enjoyed the time with me, my sweet girl?“ she asked.

    „Yes, Mistress, a slave is thankful, Mistress“

    „You’re a good girl, I think I should ask your Master, to have you again!“

    „As Mistress wishes“

    „Or how much you would cost“ she laughed.

    Not really a very funny joke, I thought. I do not want to be owned by a woman! I wanted to suck a real dick, not just a fake! Well, I should be thankful anyway, it could have been worse! Perhaps I would have enjoyed to feel her body. Perhaps even lick her juices directly from the source. As a female I am very much attracted by Masters, but I could not say, that I would not also enjoy to touch another woman. But to sleep with a woman is one thing, to be owned by one a complete different.

    „I wonder what a slut as you would bring on an auction block!“ I heard the Mistress saying. 

    Now she is carried off in her fantasy world, I thought. She should be careful, not to be caught by a Master. Or perhaps, she is exactly longing for that! Anyway… it’s her life! I wished her silently to find her fulfillment.

    My Master picked me up himself. There wasn’t much exchange of words, when I was given back to my Master. Probably my Master would ask me later about the things that had happened. I would then have to tell him everything in detail. A slave has no secrets before her Owner. What a silly Mistress!



    To be continued…