Secret Slave Dreams: The Naturist Beach - Part 2

  • Naturist Beach - Part 2


    Tal Masters, Mistresses and slave girls!

    You wished also this story to be continued. This story started with the focus on sexual use. The continuation, however, is going to be a more exciting story. I like the part, that here are men involved, who speak a foreign language. It's fun to play with this element, which makes a slave even more helpless. I hope you enjoy it!



    I followed my Master closely behind. The men went to a small truck. A door had been opened. A man pointed into the dark payload area. I entered. Then the door had been closed.

    I was sitting in an unknown truck, it was dark. I was naked and bound. The truck started...

    I tried to find a position, where I could handle the movements of the truck, while it was driving. Once the truck stopped abruptly and I was thrown to the front. The driver opened the truck and checked, if I had been injured. Then he took some ropes and fixed me tightly on the front wall. I could not move anymore.

    When the truck arrived it’s destination, the driver opened the truck again and unbound the ropes. He gestured me to get out and follow him. I rose and and stood at the end of the payload. The man reached out his hand, grabbed my arm and helped me down. I was still gagged and had my wrists bound on my back. What a strange feeling, to be handled like an animal.

    The man spoke in spanish to me: „¡Esclava! ¡Va allí y esperes por los Amos!“. He pointed to the entrance of an office of a shed or something. The area looked like a habour, a place where goods were prepared for shipping. My spanish was not that good, so I did not really understand, what the man has said, but I understood his gesture to go to the entrance. Since I was gagged, I could not even respond, so I looked at the man and with his approving nod, I walked towards the building. The man seemed to be pleased and closed the truck, jumped in and left.

    Now I really felt lost. I recalled, that my Master had commanded me to enter the truck. So he must be near and control this situation. Probably it’s one of the arousing experiences, I should make now. Such experiences were usually arranged by my Master, when someone has shown interest in using his slave girl in one or another way. A long time ago, on Curaçao, my Master had arranged that I was given to a black Master, who then had trained me for the local market in order to sell me. I had been auctioned! That was the first time, I had to learn how real my slavery was. Later, I learned, that this was arranged by my Master to teach me a lesson. And for sure, I had learned that lesson well!

    While I was a little bit lost in my dreams, a man appeared and looked briefly at me, then he entered his office. After a few seconds he came back and removed my gag.

    „¿Como te llamas?“ the man asked

    I looked at him, not understanding his words. I recalled a little bit of the language spoken on Curaçao, just to say, that I do not understand.

    „No comprende“ I said.

    „Tu nombre“ her man said

    I understood something like number.

    „No numbre“ I replied, hoping that it meant, that I don’t have a number.

    „¿Eres una esclava sin nombre?“ he asked.

    „¿Tienes papeles?“ he continued.

    I looked at him, somehow nodding my head, somehow shrugged my shoulders.

    „Vale. Esperes aquí!“ he said and left.

    I looked about. I saw some men working in the distance. I heard some people speaking somewhere near. I thought, he would now go and find someone, who speaks english. Would be much easier to communicate. Or my Master was somewhere around the corner and answered his questions. Or this was all part of the arrangement to make me feel even more helpless. Indeed, what could I do in this situation? I was naked and still bound. And this harbour like are didn’t seem to be a place, where there was often seen police. Perhaps I should beg my Master next time to make the arrangement a little bit less „exciting“. But that’s bullshit, because when I later kneel before my Master and we are talking about my experience, I will be so proud and happy and thankful, that I would not even think about asking to have the arrangements less exciting. Probably I would beg for even more scary experiences!

    How crazy I was! Why did I express such fantasies to my Master? Some of these secret dreams are secret, because one never wants to experience it in real life! But one the other hand, revealing such dreams make clear to others, what I am and erase any doubt, that I am nothing but a natural slave girl, rightful in her collar.

    ¡Esclava! ¡Da la vuelta! I heard a mans voice behind me.

    I turned about towards the man. 

    „No tienes un nombre, esclava?

    I shook my head a little bit unsure.

    The man held a pencil in his hand and wrote something on my breast. I didn’t know, what that meant and what he had written there. It made me feel as a slave. I understood the word esclava, since I could hear the german word „Sklave“ in it. For those men, I was clearly a slave. It was an exciting game and I was very thankful, that my Master had arranged it.

    I was then leashed and had to follow the man along the corridor in the building. On the other side of the building, the man opened a door. The sun was shining and it took a while until I could see the surrounding.

    I was speechless.

    I saw a place, where some dozen of slave girls were grouped together, each of them had her wrists bound on their backs. They had been gagged and each of those gags had a chain attached, which was pulled up. The other end of the chain was attached to a long metal bar right above the slave girls. The chain, attached to the gags and the bar above them, forced their heads to look up.

    Actual they looked so beautiful in their positions! I loved that view, even though it was only a very short moment, that was allowed to me, before I was, too, gagged with a chain attached. I was led to one of the groups, placed right beside another slave girl, my head pull up and the chain attached to the bar.

    I never felt so helpless! I could feel the slaves next to my feeling the same. What would be the next scene? Will this end up in a huge meeting of Masters and their lucky slaves? Would be have great time later and fun serving all the Masters? Anyway, I was extremely aroused and surprised about this detailed arrangement, my Master had made.

    After a while, the metal bar suddenly started to move. We all were forced to follow the movement and slowly walk in little steps, where the bar has led us. There were a few of such bars, each bar with a row of naked slave girls. It seemed we had been grouped by our size. The bar stopped, when our row touched the row of slaves before us.

    The only thing we could see, was the bar and the chains, attached to it. And we could see huge arms of cranes. One of them was attached to a massive iron girder, not far from our slave row. I didn’t realize it, before that crane started to move upwards and with it the ground, or let’s better call it platform, started lifting up to the air. I could hear the girls screaming through their gags. Slowly the arm moved about. I could feel, that the platform on which we were standing, was lifted and hanging in the air. It was swinging a little. Then the arm moved slowly down and we had been placed back on stable ground.

    After a moment of orientation, I figured, that the platform had been placed on a ship, because there was still some movement. That was the only logical thing, I could figure out, that we were at the harbour and now loaded to a ship.

    But wait a moment! I mean a ship! They would not really ship us somewhere? Like goods!? It could not be possible! Such an arrangement would cost a fortune! Certainly my Master would not spend so much money for an exciting experience of his slave! And I had not seen my Master anywhere nor had I heard him! Suddenly I was very scared! What, if the men have stolen and kidnapped me?



    To be continued