Secret Slave Dreams: The Naturist Beach - Part 3

  • Tal Masters, Mistresses and slaves,

    here comes a new part of my story "Naturist Beach". This story is developing interesting. Let's see, where it will end up... I hope you enjoy it ;-)


    Shortly after we had been loaded on the ship, men came to release us from the chains. This was done row after row. When it was my row’s turn, my head was released from the chain and I could see, that we were indeed on a ship. There were so many slave girls! I was shocked! I had never thought, that such things could exist nowadays. It’s like in some historical reports from past times, when slavery was part of society. And this looked really real. I knew, that it was not real, I just couldn’t be real. Slavery was abolished everywhere! There were only two possibilities: it is a very extended and well organized arrangement, to give girls like me and certainly the Masters a wonderful and exciting experience of slavery or… what I hoped it was not the truth, it was something illegal, done by criminals, who are going to sell us for their profit.

    „¡Por aquí, esclava!“ a man commanded me. I have heard that before, when other slaves had been addressed and I noticed, that the addressed slaves replied with „Sí, Amo“ and followed the direction of the men. 

    „Sí, Amo“, I replied to the man, who commanded me. He pointed to an entrance inside the ship. I moved then towards the entrance. When I came closer, I saw, that there were stairs going down. I stepped down the stairs and, as I have thought, there was a large area, where slaves were caged. It was a real slave ship!

    „Trescientos Dieciséis,“ a man addressed me „¡Dame tus manos!“

    The man grabbed my wrists and opened the rope with a knife. My hands were free! 

    „Ahora, entrar en la jaula!“ he has said. I didn’t understand his words, but it was clear, what I had to do. I entered the cage, which the man had opened. He waited until I got in and then locked the cage door.

    Now I was caged, too. At least I could move my hands a little. After quite a long time being bound, it was good to feel blood circulating again. The cages were not very large. One could not stand in it and also it was not possible to lay in it. At least I could, while sitting in one corner, stretch my legs diagonal to the other corner. Some other girls, who were shorter than I, could stretch both of their legs while sitting straight. Sometimes it has some disadvantages being so tall.




    „Where is my girl?“ asked Master Alduras angry.

    „¡Disculpe, no te entiendo!“ said a man. „No hablo inglés“

    „I asked you, where my girl is!“ repeated Alduras. „Somewhere must speak english here on this fucking island!“

    „Sir, I no speak good inglés, pero I can try to help!“ said another man nearby, who watched the scene.

    „Gracias! I am looking for my girl! She was brought here with a truck, but now she is gone!“

    „El busca su chica“ said the man, who came to help to the other man.

    „¿Ella es una esclava, Señor?“, said the spanish speaking man.

    „Sorry?“ Alduras asked a little inpatient 

    „Discuple, Señor, your girl is a slave?“, said the one, who is translating

    „Yes, she is a slave, her name is Adira“

    „Sí, es una esclava, se llama Adira“ translated the man

    „Vale, a dónde ha sido traída?“ asked the man

    „Where has she brought to, Señor?“ translated the other

    „Here is a place to introduce new slaves to their new condition!“ Alduras explained.

    The reply was translated. ¿Es nueva en el cuello? the man asked.

    „Is she new in her collar?“

    „No, but I wanted her to see the place and go through the procedure to learn, that there are many more slaves“

    The man shrugged and shook his head „El lugar está aquí, pero no he visto a tu chica aquí.“ he said.

    The other man translated „It’s the right place, but your girl wasn’t here!“

    „But where is she?“ asked my Master worried.

    „Dónde está ella?“ the man translated.

    „Puedes preguntar en la oficina de allí, también tratan con esclavos“ the man said.

    „Vale, gracias!“ said the other man.

    „What?“ said Alduras

    „We go to the office over there and ask, if they have seen her. Come follow me, please“

    The men walked to the mentioned office. The man there in charge was at least able to speak some english.

    „You are looking for your slave? Have you a picture of her?“

    „Certainly“ said Alduras and took his smarts phone to open some pictures.

    „Ahhhhhh, Sí!“ the man said „¿Ella no tiene un nombre?“

    „Sorry, I don’t understand“ said Alduras frowning

    „Sorry, I mean, she doesn’t have a name?“

    „Sure she does! Her name is Adira!“

    „Ohh, she didn’t tell me her name!“ the man said thoughtful

    Alduras was somehow relieved, at least someone has seen his girl!

    „She was here? Where is she now?“

    The man took his phone and called someone. 

    "Hey, ¿dónde estáis chicos? .... Ahhhhh, vale vale... una chica no está hecha para Ámsterdam... Sí claro.... Sí sí ... sí claro, son esclavas!" the man laughed and ended the call.

    „Well… I fear she is on her way to Amsterdam“

    „What the fuck?“ said my Master

    „She came here naked and bound like the other slaves for the shipment, Sir, I am sorry!“


    To be continued!