Secret Slave Dreams: The Notary Part 3

  • Greetings Masters, Mistresses and fellow slaves!

    to day I am presenting part 3 of "The Notary"... I hope you like it!


    It has been a while ago, that my Master went with me to that notary, where I hesitated signing that agreement of my enslavement. My Master had told me, not to think so much about such things. I have learned, that my slavery is inside me, and that’s what counted. 

    However, many times, I have thought about this when I was lying on my mat, what if this was real? I noticed, that such things aroused me very much. Surely I was a slave by heart, a natural slave, but some things did arouse me, some others didn’t. For example, I didn’t find it arousing, when a man submitted to a woman. It might be nice for him or for the woman, I don’t know, but for me, this was not arousing nor exciting nor was it something I wanted to know. Being a slave myself, however, I always found very exciting and arousing and attractive, especially being a slave to men. Even being a female, sexual attractive to men, I found very exciting. With being a female, there is no doubt and that’s also legally manifested in my birth certificate. So what’s wrong to have something similar manifested, that one is a slave? Of course it’s obviously, but additional to that, it’s absolutely normal to have certifications for everything, like birth certificate, certification of residence or nationality etc. It is just a logical consequence to also have certifications of enslavement.

    With this thoughts, one day, I crawled to my Masters feet and kissed and licked them passionately.

    „Yes, my girl? What’s up?“ my Master asked

    „Master, please forgive me,“ I said and continued licking his feet „May I speak about the Notary topic once again?“ 

    My Master laughed. „You cannot stop thinking about this, can you, slave?“

    „Forgive me, Master“

    „Tell me!“ he said

    „Master, you said, I am a slave anyway, because it’s my nature“

    „That’s right!“

    „I am a female“

    „That’s obvious“

    „There is a birth certificate, where it is manifested, Master“

    „You are a clever girl!“ he said, spanking my ass pleased

    „Thank you, Master“ I said

    „Rise, kajira! Look at me!“ my Master commanded.

    I rose and knelt before my Master with my legs widely opened, my back straight and shoulders back. I placed my hands on my thighs.

    „The truth is,“ my Master started explaining „that there was a changing in the law, which now allows the legal certification of enslavement.“

    I looked at my Master with widened eyes.

    „I know you would love to hear that, my little girl“ my Master laughed while he was petting my head „It’s required to clearly state in front of a authorized person, which is usually a notary, that one sees oneself as a natural slave. Secondly, it requires a free person, who takes responsibility for that slave.“

    „The Master of the slave“ I said.

    „Yes, the Master will be noticed as the first owner, which has consequences for the rest of the slaves life“ my Master explained.

    „So the ownership cannot be transferred to someone else, Master?“

    „It can be transferred! Remember what was written in the agreement of enslavement!“

    „I do not completely remember, Master“ I explained.

    „Wait here!“ he told me.

    My Master rose and went to his office. When he returned, he held a piece of paper in his hand and handed it to me. „Read!“

    I took the document. It was the same from the notary. There were all my details filled. It was the document or at least a copy, that I didn’t sign the other day.

    I quickly found the passage, that my Master meant. „You want me to read loudly, my Master?“

    „Of course!“

    „Complete or just the passage?“

    „If you have the passage, read it, otherwise read it complete!“

    „It says: As a slave, I have to obey the commands of free persons, no matter if they are my owner or not. I can be punished by any free person. As slave I can be bought and sold or auctioned like any other animal.“

    „See? You could be sold. Legally!“ my Master said.

    „I see.“ I said.

    „Is this a problem for you?“ my Master asked.

    „This slave hopes, she is found pleasing, so you never would want to sell her, Master“ I said, with a little bit worried eyes.

    „I should not tell you, but you know it anyway, that I love you and I cannot imagine to live without you, my girl!“ my Master said to me, softly touching my cheeks. Yes I knew, my Master loved me and I could not imagine, that he would give me away. However, if this was legally possible, it scared me somehow. On the other hand, though, it excited me as well. The possibility of being sold, made clear, that I was totally dependent to the will of my owner.

    „But sometimes,“ my Master continued „it would be a great lesson for you!“

    I lowered my head. „Yes, Master“ I said silently.

    „But actually, it’s nothing special that does not exist anyway!“ he said.


    „I could end the relationship anyway. There is no need of enslavement for that!“

    „True, Master“

    „And even with enslavement, you could still runaway.“

    „How, Master?“

    „Don’t be stupid! You lust leave. You are not chained!“

    „But that document ensures, that I am property and can be returned“

    „Yes, but then? Would it be the same as before? If you feel bad in my house, in my collar, and you would runaway, our connection would be broken. Again, a legal document could not fix this. I could sell you, but who would want to get a runaway slave, an unhappy slave? Is it not the fulfillment of a girl in her slavery, that makes her attractive and beautiful? It would rather be better to destroy that document, free you and let you go!“

    These words made me very sad. „Master, I love you!“ I said.

    „I know and I know you won’t runaway, my sweet girl!“ my Master tabbed on his thighs and gestured me to come closer.

    I moved close to my Master, hugging his thighs while my Master was petting my head gently.



    „So what is this legal enslavement about?“

    „Is it not obvious?“

    „I don’t know, my Master?“

    „It is to manifest the fact of the existence of natural slaves. Like your initial question. There is a birth certificate and there is a certificate of the natural slave status.“

    „But then,“ I said „there is at least an official document, that says one is a natural slave. One is then, so to say, officially branded“

    „That’s exact the idea. It serves the serious Masters as a kind of guarantor, that the slave girl is sure about her natural state and that she is not just about to play the role of a slave for a time. And it’s to make the Master also clear, that he is responsible for the girl.“

    „Ah yes, that was my question, Master“ I remembered.

    „Ask your question, girl!“

    „If a slave is sold, would then the first owner still be responsible for the girl?“

    „Yes. The new owner will take over the responsibility, but in case the new relationship would not work out well, the first owner is again in charge. This was made to bind also the Master, to who the slave submitted, before she signs her own enslavement. This binds him until he dies or someone else goes to the notary and binds himself to the slave. That’s also possible, but requires the agreement of all related people, including the slave.“

    „Interesting. So it makes the relation between the first owner and the slave very special!“

    „Indeed. And it is very special. Basically the slave registration is beside the marriage another form of lifetime relationship between a man and a woman. It’s not meant to open doors for economic slave trading.“

    „I see. It’s very wisely thought through, Master!“

    „It is. That’s why I considered to have you registered, slave!“

    „And now not anymore, Master?“

    „Why not? Once you are ready for it!“

    „Am I not yet ready, Master?“

    „You will notice, girl!“

    „Yes, Master! Thank you, Master! I love you, my Master!“

    „I love you, too, my girl!“


    To be continued!

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    Kajira of Alduras