Secret Slave Dreams: A Christmas Story! The fellow student 5

  • Greetings Masters and Mistresses! Greetings dear slaves!

    Please enjoy this new story of my series "Secret Slave Dreams"!


    The Fellow Student - A Christmas Story

    Some time had passed, after I have been in the Mistress’ Coras house. Things have changed since then, even though I was still studying law. It was not very efficient anymore to meet with my fellow in the library to study and learn. I had found another fellow student for that. During classes, sometimes, I met Mistress Cora, trying to avoid speaking to her. One day, she had called me and ordered to follow her. She went into an empty class room. 

    „Hey Adira, how are you?“, she asked, somehow as if nothing happened.

    „Thank you, Mistress, I am fine.“ I said.

    „Good slave!“, she laughed. „I tried to contact your Master, but it’s difficult to get him on the phone. Here is a note for him!“ she handed me a letter.

    „Thank you, Mistress, I bring it to my Master.“

    „Perfect! See ya!“

    And she disappeared. What again did she want to do? Another renting out? Did she like to torture me again or humiliate me? Or perhaps want to feel a slave again, somehow even identifying herself with a slave?

    At home, I gave the letter to my Master. Surprisingly, this time it wasn’t that secret. My Master opened it, and then gave it to me to read it myself. It was an invitation.

    „Dear Alduras, I would love to invite you and your lovely kajira to have dinner with me on christmas eve! I hope you have time! Please confirm as soon as possible, because I need to buy food! Kiss, Cora!“

    That was interesting. Normally people spend time during that time with their families. As far I knew, she had parents and siblings nearby.

    „What do you think, Adira?“ my Master asked.

    „It’s very kind to invite us, Master“

    „Hmmm“ my Master said

    „Master is not convinced?“ I asked.

    „Do you remember, when you’ve been with her for a day in summer?“

    „Yes, Master, of course“

    „I have met her afterwards“ my Master explained. I listened.

    „We were talking about, what had happened. That she was playing with you etc.“

    „She had told you everything, Master?“

    „Everything“, my Master said.

    „Has she not been a little bit too…“ I hesitated.

    „A bit too what?“ my Master asked.

    „I hope this is not without respect, Master“ I said a little bit hesitating „has she not been too lasciviously?“

    „Curiosity … is not becoming in a kajira“ he said, laughing.

    „Yes, Master“, I lowered my head. Why is this curiosity? Had I not been there and did I not know from first hand, what the Mistress had done? Was it not I, who told my Master every detail? Did he not believe me?

    „Have you seen her, while she was playing with you?“ he asked.


    „I mean, when she had make you suck the dildo?“

    „I have been blind folded, Master“

    „So you have not seen her, have you?“

    „No, Master. I have not seen her.“

    „Is it lascivious, to let a slave girl suck a dildo?“


    „Or is it not the slave girl, who is lascivious, sucking it?“

    I said nothing.

    „But indeed it’s interesting, that she is inviting us.“ he said.

    „Yes, Master“ I said thoughtful.

    *** a few days later ***

    It was Christmas Eve. My Master was wearing his fine suit with a blue and yellow necktie, the colors of his caste, the caste of the slavers. Mistress Cora had asked about the meaning of these colors and I had said, it’s of the slavers caste. It seemed, that she was somehow thoughtful, then.

    We entered the house, in which I had been a few month ago, naked and helpless, serving my fellow student. This time, my Master was with me. I wondered, if something similar would happen this evening. But it was Christmas Eve!

    My Master had bought something for the Mistress Cora. I didn’t know what and when I asked my Master, he explained, that curiosity is not becoming in a kajira. Perhaps I would find out that evening.

    „Hi Alduras, welcome in my humble home! Merry Christmas!“ Cora welcomed my Master.

    „Merry Christmas, Cora“ he said.

    „Welcome, kajira, Merry Christmas!“ she said and hugged me, kissing me on both cheeks.

    Surprised and also somehow puzzled I replied „Thank you, Mistress, Merry Christmas!“

    „Come in!“ she said „You girl can put your cloths here“

    „Good!“ my Master said, turned then to me and nodded.

    I stripped and placed my clothes on the chair. Naked I followed my Master to the living room. It was very cozy and tastefully decorated for Christmas. There was even a little Christmas tree. There were candles and a sweet smell of vanilla and cinnamon. My Master sat on the Sofa, I knelt beside him.

    „Would you like some tea?“ Mistress Cora asked my Master.

    „Yes please“ he said smiling.

    To my surprise, Mistress Cora went to the kitchen, prepared the tea and came back. She knelt on the other side, placed a tea cup on the table and purred the tea into the cup. Then she placed the pot on the table and rose. She took another cup for herself and got some tea as well.

    „It’s Chai from India. Mumbai, perhaps you remember?“

    „I do remember“, my Master said.

    „I hope you still enjoy it?“

    „It’s delicious, Cora, thank you!“ my Master said „So how are things going?“ 

    „So far, so good.“ she sipped a little from her tea. „I have received my new dress!“ she said exciting.

    „I have noticed it“ my Master said.

    Probably it’s what she was wearing. It was a very beautiful dress, very costly, more a gown, but not showing much of her skin. Actually it was very decorous, decent, like a true gorean free woman. I have not seen her that way before, nor have I seen any women dressed that way. It was very unusual on those days, where most women show a lot of naked skin. In this attire, I had a lot of respect for this free woman. We couldn’t be more different! I, a naked slave girl, kneeling beside my Master and she, a free woman, beautifully dressed.

    „I have a gift for you“, my Master said.

    „That’s too kind of you!“ she said with shining eyes.

    „It’s just a little thing, from a simple slaver“ he said humbly.

    „It’s very special for me anyway“ she said happy.

    „Adira, bring the gift for Lady Cora!“

    „Yes, Master“ I said, rising on my feet. I hurried to the coat rack, where my Master had placed a bag. I opened the bag and took the small box out. It was wrapped in blue gift wrapping paper and had a golden ribbon around and a card with greetings from my Master.

    I knelt again beside my Master and gave him the gift.

    „This will be the beginning of your new future“ my Master started explaining, while he took the box from my hands. „You have learned a lot, but now it’s time to turn things into reality. I have thought a while, if this is really good for you. Or if I should better forget about you, after all that happened. But I have decided to do it and to open a new world for you.“

    „I am speechless, Alduras. Thank you so much, how touching! Thank you for considering me!“ she said deeply touched.

    My Master handed her the box. She opened it.

    It was a collar.



    Merry Christmas, Masters, Mistresses and slaves! I hope you liked my little Christmas Story! It will be continued soon!