Secret Slave Dreams: The Naturist Beach - Part 4

  • Tal Masters, Mistresses and slaves!

    Today I publish another part of "Naturist Beach La Palma", it's part 4 already! But this could be also another part of "The Notary", because you will see, that I am referring to that other story here.

    That said, I am going to merge all three story lines to one. It will be interesting. And important to read all former stories, to understand the coherence. I hope you enjoy it... it's again quite sexual today!


    „I need a ticket to Amsterdam,“ said my Master to the Lady at the counter, „now!“ he added.

    „Of course, Sir. Would you like to change your current tickets?“

    „If possible, yes please“

    „It’s possible, Sir. I guess for both, you and your wife?“

    „She is…“, he paused a moment „doesn’t matter. Only for me please!“

    „As you wish. I have a flight tomorrow at 11:20“, the Lady at the counter said.

    „Exzellent! Book it please!“


    When I counted the days right, it was the fourth or fifth day on the ship. It’s not easy to be caged in a ship, while it’s on the ocean. Many girls got see sick and we had to clean the decks often because of that reason.

    So far I was able to avoid getting sick by doing meditation and by not eating too much. This was of course not easy, because there were only two times a day slave feeding. Would I not eat enough, I would get problems after a few hours, too, would I eat too much, it would be more likely to get see sick.

    Beside these problems, it was interesting on that ship. I could improve my Spanish and we were able to talk to each other among the slave girls. The girl have very different background stories. The good thing was, that none of them said, that they had been forced into slavery. Every girl I was able to talk to, told me that they had been asked to be legally enslaved.

    I remember, that a few of years ago, my Master had brought me to a notary, where I was asked the same. There was a document, which, if I had signed it, would have made me legally a slave. But I didn’t sign it and my Master did not go there again. I remember, that I had asked my Master a while later about this document, but he said, I will find out, when it’s time to sign the document.

    Perhaps I am now close to sign it. There might have been be a few other girls on this ship, who as well had not yet signed their agreement for slavery. I didn’t know. And it seemed, that it didn’t matter. Obviously, they didn’t make any difference between the two sorts of slaves.

    Most girls were spanish, two girls, I noticed, were english and myself was german. I loved to see all these naked beauties. It seemed, that slavery have made each girl even more beautiful. Certainly, they were all under strict feeding control. The food we received was not really very tasty. It was okay, but certainly nothing I wood prepare that way. From what I could identify, it was vegetables, some grain maybe, or rice, or both, mixed with water. They didn’t use herbs nor spices, probably not even salt. I thought, that the slave food in my Master’s house is much better. But that could be part of my lesson, to be more thankful for everything.

    Every day, there was another special sort of slave feeding. Not for all girls. It was not meant to feed us, but rather to please the Masters. Such things happened only in wild fantasies in some sleepless nights, when I was not used sexually for a while. Then, I often woke up, totally aroused and sweat, my mind full of dirty fantasies. Then I ran my fingers down my belly, along my thighs, biting the sheet, breathing deeply, moaning softly. I remembered mostly, that I needed permission to touch myself, which interestingly made me even more hot and aroused. Sometimes, I felt the sheets between my legs, touching slightly my heat. Then I lifted my hips, yearning for another touch. „Please, Master, touch me again“ I thought. Thankfully I moaned again, when my clit touched the fabric of the sheet again. „Oh yessss Master, please, again! A slave begs!“ „Are you begging?“ I heard my Master asking „Oh yes, Master, I beg to be touched“ „Who begs?“ „A helpless slave begs, Master, please“

    Such moments made it difficult, to fall asleep again. Sometimes, I couldn’t help and touched myself, knowing it wasn’t allowed.

    But now, I didn’t sleep. I was awake and it happened right in front of my eyes. Two slave girls were taken from their cages. In the middle of the room, there was enough space, for let’s say 10-20 people to stand. The two girls were kneeling on the floor. They were naked, very beautiful. Their hands were bound on their backs. In a circle around the girls, eight men were standing, facing the nude beauties. The men took off their cloths. Not difficult to guess, what happened next.

    „Chupa bien, esclava“ said a man

    „Abre la boca, zorra“, said another.

    The girls had to do well blow jobs to the men. Passionately they opened their mouths and offered them to the Masters. The Masters allowed the slaves to lick and suck their dicks. While only two Masters could be served at a time, the others were hardening their manlinesses by themselves with their hands. After a few seconds, the men changed and the girls continued sucking other cocks.

    Then, the first man started ejaculating on one girl. And if this was a sign, the men ejaculated all nearly at the same time on the girls faces.

    „Tienes obligación de siempre tragar el semen“, said one of the men

    „Si Amo“ replied a girl

    „Si, Amo“ said another.

    The slaves had the obligation to swallow everything and clean the Masters afterwards. Then they were allowed to clean their own faces, again using their tongue. It was a lot of fun for the Masters and obviously as well for many girls.

    The men were choosing every day other girls for this ritual. I wondered, if they would also use us sexually, I mean more than for blow jobs, but it seemed not be the case, at least not until then or what I have noticed.

    It was again time for the „Bukkake“ ritual. The men stepped down the wooden stairs. 

    „Esclavas!“ the leader said

    We all went into position, which was kneeling nicely and proud, back straight to present the tits to the Masters, the legs spread as much as possible and our hands on the thighs, with palms up. I was very aroused. So many girls, naked and caged, went instantly into such a significant position, in which we were showing, how helpless we were and also how aroused, how much we would love to be chosen to suck the Masters best pieces.

    The leader looked around.

    „Tú“ he said, pointing on one cage „y tú“, pointing on another… on mine!

    Now I was shocked. I knew, I could be chosen like any other girl. But I didn’t expect that. Wow, somehow, I felt honored. They wanted me! I’d been found attractive to them. I wondered, if the other men had told their leader, what girl they would prefer next.

    While the men prepared standing in the circle, one man came to my cage, opened it. I had learned before, what to do, in case I was chosen. I threw my hair to the front. the man grabbed my hair and pulled me out of the cage. I followed on my knees. It was a short distance and that was good, because crawling on ones knees, without using hands and pulled on ones hair could be very painful. Probably for longer distances, we were allowed to rise on our feet, bent forward, in leading position.

    I knelt now in the middle of the place. My hands were bound together behind my back. I saw, that the Masters also bound the other girls hands behind her back. We were both facing each other. She had blonde long hair and blue eyes. I loved her body. Lovely round tits and such a sweet mouth. She belonged into the collar, for sure. Would be wasted flesh, to let her remain uncollared.

    We smiled slightly to each other, proud to be chosen this evening. I could read her thoughts, and probably so could she mine.

    „Prepárense, esclavas“, a man said. It means that we should get ready. While I saw that beauty right before myself, kneeling and bound, I also saw the mens proudnesses pointing to our faces. Oh my, we were now in the focus of the Masters! Other girls were watching, sitting safely in their cages. But we had no choice but to please the Masters well. Without doubt, they would use the whip, should we not do our best to please them.

    „Abre tu boca, esclava!“, said a Master to me. I was commanded to open my mouth. I know, I was obeying quickly and immediately, but from my feeling, it happened all in slow motion. Slowly I noticed my head turning toward the Master, lifting, my eyes moving up and widely opened. Also I noticed how my mouth opened even so slowly. Full of passion, I glanced up to the Master, seeing his growing sword waiting to enter the warm longing slave mouth. Then, my tongue welcomed the huge flesh, and started to embrace it. 

    „sí chica, muy bien“ he said, holding my head tight and pressing himself against my face. I allowed him to enter deeply. I was proud to have learned the deep throat. The Master was pleased and released my head. I used my tongue to tread his sensitive areas. I could feel his dick harden more.

    Then there was a turn. Another Master offered his dick. Of course he expected me to welcome his cock as well as any other Master. Again, I glanced up with my green eyes, showing my readiness and my desire to please him. It was such a pleasure to serve so many Masters at the same time. I was sucking the fifth Master, when I suddenly felt warm liquid slashing on my left cheek. It was the Master, I sucked at first. It pleased me, that he was the first who began ejaculating on our faces and that it was my face! The Master, I was currently sucking, was also close to cum and he started to ejaculate on me shortly after leaving my mouth. Part of his cum entered my mouth and thankfully I widened my mouth to catch as much as possible. Then I closed my eyes and felt all the sperm filling my face, running down my body.

    After the men finished, we were commanded to clean up. Again, we licked and sucked the mens dicks. I was permitted to clean the other men, who I didn’t serve earlier. Finally, I faced my fellow sister again, she too her face full of the Masters liquids. We started kissing each other, then licking our faces clean and finally one after another also parts of our bodies.

    The Masters had been pleased. We thanked the Masters, kissing and licking their feet.

    „Muchas gracias, Amos!“ we said.

    We were released with a smack on our asses and caged again. I felt asleep quickly.


    to be continued