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  • Tal Masters and Mistresses, tal kajiri!


    Upon a request of a Master, I’d like to introduce one particular part of my life, which is being barefoot permanently.

    I think that I have mentioned this quite often and for a long time already, but usually as part of a slaves life. It’s true, that it fits perfectly to slaves, however to me this is not an additional burden or a restriction. In fact it’s good for my body and health.

    Beside that, I find it also extremely beautiful and sexy on women. Have you noticed, that many dresses are presented by barefoot models? (Google for Dirndl barefoot) They do it not because of health or because they are slaves, they do it for fashion.

    Certainly, that might be a question of taste. Anyway, my Master likes it and wants me to walk barefoot and I learned the benefits by obeying my Masters will. 

    In the beginning, it was the time on Curaçao, I didn’t know about technics how to walk barefoot. I just did without thinking, whether there is a better or more natural technic. I was also doing my running exercises barefoot, with the result, that my soles got injured by some little stones as well as they got burned on hot asphalt. 

    It was a little back and forth, I had to learn to go smaller steps and let the soles adjust little by little. A while later, I learned about „natural walking“ and I tried to learn that way. This is a very interesting topic, worth a separate scroll or video!

    My first really long none stop barefoot adventure was in 2012, when Master and I travelled from Curaçao to Germany for 10 days. I left the house without shoes, not even slippers… nothing! So I had no choice but to be barefoot all the time. And surprisingly it went very well! 

    Some people asked about my shoes at the airport, and I simply said I don’t have any. And no further questions or comments. No problems in the aircraft as well. In Germany I felt for the first time cold streets at my feet, since on Curaçao it’s always warm, even at night. Finally I started walking barefoot also in winter, when my Master and I had moved to Germany.

    I have made quite a lot of barefoot experience. 

    Lets see a few videos in different situations, which I have taken with my smartphone:



    And here a few common and frequently asked questions:

    Q: Are the surfaces not too hot in summer?

    A: Asphalt and wood gets very hot in summer and it’s not comfy to walk long time on hot surfaces. However, the feet get used to it, because after a while the sole becomes stronger and thicker. However, it’s better to keep walking and fining shady spots or areas to rest.


    Q: Is it not too cold in winter?

    A: It’s cold, but again the feet get used to it. And also the body reacts and heats up the body. Important is, though, to wear warm clothes, so that it’s only the feet, where it’s cold.

    Walking in snow is fine, as long it’s not wet. One can walk through wet snow and icy water, but like on hot surfaces, one should keep walking and try to find dry spots. I had no problem standing around at minus degrees celsius, but it was dry and sunny.


    Q: Is it legal?

    A: Yes, it is legal. There are many people, though, who do not know, that it’s legal. In any case, ask where it’s said, that this is not allowed. In public areas, you won’t find any law about it, at least not in western countries. 


    Q: But in supermarket, it’s not permitted, is it?

    A: For supermarkets and other private businesses basically applies the right of a householder. They could put on own rules for their place. However, there is in 99% no such rule. Some security guys might think, that it’s their right, but ask about the written rules, and usually they can’t show you, because they just don’t exist. The next question is, if it makes sense to argue or to just leave and do your things somewhere else…


    Q: Don’t people look?

    A: People might look, as it’s unusual. But it depends very much on your attitude. Be proud and smile, don’t feel bad because of being barefoot! People will feel it and react accordingly.


    Q: Can you drive a car without shoes?

    A: Yes of course! You have very sensitive feet and can much easier use the pedals than with shoes. Many, who are driving barefoot say, that they drive much safer than with shoes. In case of an accident, it’s important to point out, why it’s safer with shoes than without, otherwise, the insurance might deny to pay the full amount.


    Q: Is it not unhygienic without shoes?

    A: Why should bare footing  be less hygienic than feet that are put in socks and shoes the whole day long, where they can hardly breath. Walking barefoot makes your feet free of any smell, and thus they won’t get any issues with athletics feet, sweaty feet etc. And if you think, it’s unhygienic for others… what should be at a human feet what one would not find on any sole of the shoes? All dirt stuck much better on every shoe than it does at human feet. 


    Do you have more questions? Please feel free to ask. Do you want to learn more about living barefoot, please leave your comments and I am happy to do more scrolls and videos like this.

    Kajira of Alduras

  • Gejay Singh
    Gejay Singh Beautiful. How long did it take to get used to be barefoot in the german winter?
  • Adira of Alduras
    Adira of Alduras For me was important to get used to walk barefoot outside in general, before starting in winter. In winter the feeling is different, it's cold at the soles and after perhaps 10-15 minutes, one gets used to the temperature. The body heats up then and...  more
  • Cythe of Phoenix
    Cythe of Phoenix I love you and you are an example to us all, kajirae! Loved the video! Love you, sweet sister!
  • Adira of Alduras
    Adira of Alduras Love you too, sweet sister! You are an example for us kajirae as well in terms of fitness! Perhaps you can write a scroll about it? I am sure, there are many who would like to become a slender girl