Virtual Gorean Meeting

  • Tal Masters, Mistresses and slaves!

    Many of us have to stay aye home these days because of the corona quarantine. This makes it impossible to meet in person. We have different possibilities to stay in contact like having Skype conferences. But there is another possibility: meeting on a virtual online world. Everyone, who knows Second Life, knows about the opportunities.

    The "problem" with meeting on Second Life is, that getting prepared and ready to meet requires a lot of efforts. You need to get a gorean avatar, clothing etc. You need to prove your age, very likely spend some Linden$. Too much for one, who is not familiar with all this just for a quick virtual meeting. But there is another opportunity:

    We have been visiting an OpenSim world called „Counter Earth Grid“, which is a whole grid just for gorean people. Visit their website for more informations!

    There is a complete huge Island (Isle of Cos) which is currently not used. We could use this sim and have a wonderful meeting. The great thing about Counter Earth Grid is, that it’s for free. No costs for avatars, clothing etc and it’s very easy to setup. You download the Firestorm viewer, create your account, login. There you find different gorean outfits. Choose one, wear it and you are ready to go! Very easy!

    Why not give it a try? Either you are gorean lifestyler or role-player or just interested, why not using the opportunity. I guess it’s better than watching TV :D

    Everybody who is interested, feel free to create your account and explore the world. We are waiting for you in Cos.

    Kajira of Alduras