Dreams CAN become true!

  • Tal Masters, Mistresses and slaves,

    today I am posting something, that touched me many times and I have occasionally shared my passion for music and especially for Yanni. This here is a whole 2-hour concert of Yanni Voices from 2009 in Acapulco. Probably I have shared it already a few years ago.

    The last 15-20 Minutes are kind of make-up and behind the scenes, where the artists speak. After watching and feeling the concert, hearing the singers speaking about their dreams and that it became all true with this concert, it just touches me so much and I think this is another great example, that dreams can and will become true, if we strongly believe in it and work hard to achieve it. It's very much motivating to me and I hope it's the same to you all!

    Be blessed!

    I wish you well!

    Kajira of Alduras