Finding The Place For The Academy

  • Tal Masters and Mistresses,
    greetings fellow slaves!

    Will the "Isla Bonita" be the island of the gorean academy?

    Now, it's gong to be exciting! The flights are booked... we are traveling to "La Isla Bonita" La Palma, the greenest of the canary islands!

    We are going to stay three weeks on the beautiful island, time enough to explore most of the places and get in contact to local people. Hopefully we will meet two lovely friends there, too, from Spain! They offered to help us with translating and communication with the locals; so let's hope, they will be able to make it!

    La Palma, the climate is warm all year, though not as warm as in the Caribbean. But it's also wonderful green and it's the only canary island with it's own water. We love this point very much. Imagine to drink your own fresh water!

    There are also many nice quiet places on La Palma with breathtaking views... at least as far we could see by images from the internet. After our research vie internet, it's now time to travel to the place and get a real feeling there. Is it warm enough during the winter time? Will we feel comfortable with the locals? What stuff can we get in the supermarkets or hardware shops? What about the properties, are the affordable pieces of land nice?

    First steps are done!

    All these questions and much more, will be answered very soon! End of the year, we will know more! We have started our next journey! Of course, we did start earlier, as I said in my first scroll about "the gorean dream or vision": this platform is already part of the whole plan. Also our online academy and courses are steps toward the real gorean village. But traveling to find places is again very real and yes, it's very exciting. We will take many pictures, so you can follow our steps!

    Beside this, we are already planning how we will move to the new place. Would we again sell all things and travel just with two suitcases and hand luggage? Or would we ship all stuff within a container? Or will we buy a transporter and drive ourselves?

    As you can see, we are busy with our plans to realize the real gorean academy and village! Please don't hesitate to ask questions below or leave your comment.

    kajira of Alduras

    PS: Please if you like the idea and you want to help us, we appreciate any donation or Silver-Tarsk Upgrade etc! We need your support to make the dream come true!