Gorean Meeting in La Palma

  • Tal Master and Mistresses, greetings slaves,

    today ended the third gorean meeting with our friends Master Lustus and kajira dara from Spain. Saying good bye makes me sad and I couldn't hold back my tears at the airport, when they have left. But we will meet soon again!

    Could a gorean meeting be more successful?


    We were talking a lot and it was very motivating and inspiring again. Beside talking about our project, it was also great to feel being a slave among gorean Masters. I enjoyed kneeling at Masters feet, and not only at my Masters feet. I also enjoyed to serve together with the lovely dara. She is a nice girl with the heart of a slave. I loved seeing her kissing also my Masters feet. We are slaves and the Masters are Masters. And it's all so normal and natural.

    We were talking about our everyday lifes, about the fight with the ego, about the spirit and how we all have similar experiences in our development. But most exciting was the vision of the future, of more meetings with Goreans and a growing community. We were visiting different properties in order to find the right place for us to live and... I am happy, because we found our new home! It's fantastic and so exciting!

    I will report about it soon, not sure if before leaving the island or when we are back in Germany. But you will be surpriced, what we have found! Master Lustus and dara know it already and they love it!!! You all will love it too!

    Thank you for reading!

    *respectfully bending forward to the floor*

    kajira of Alduras

  • Lustus Viletius
    Lustus Viletius You are right, adira. It was a fantastic meeting, a new step in building Gorean community. As you say slaves felt slaves and we Masters enjoyed of it....as you said "Living a Gorean life is easy, what is not is mixing Gorean an Earth life, as well...  more
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  • Tsiskwa
    Tsiskwa I'm sorry it took me so long to see this. I have been very curious to hear about your time in La Palma, and look forward to learning more when you have more to share.
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