Frustrated Slaves?

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    This girl wants to start a topic about the unspoken frustration within a Master/slave relationship. Not because she is currently experiencing any hard time, it's rather the opposite, however... one can read a lot about the beauty of submission and how happy a girl is in her collar, how fulfilling the life is as a slave etc.

    But... if a kajira is unhappy, her relationship does not reflect, what the life of a kajira is supposed to be, a lack of fulfillment is the daily reality, it's hard to find answers to this frustrating situation.

    It's even hard to tell anyone about this reality. Yes, of course we all have good days and bad days, that is not a problem at all. But if this is an ongoing thing, if the real happy moment is long time ago and nothing feels *really* deeply fulfuilling, reading about the beauty of submission in any form is rather painful and torturing.

    This girl knows from own experiences and from many other slaves, that frustration is reality in most Master/slave relationships. The question is, why don't we talk about it? Are we ashamed to tell the truth? Do we fear, other people would think bad about us then?

    Indeed, it's not really reflecting well on the Master, if a slave starts talking about issues within her relationship. If there is frustration on one side, there is also frustration on the other side. It's very unlikely that a Master is happy with a frustrated slave and as well the other way around. Hence, telling people about ones frustration, also brings the other party into play.

    Usually it's not a poor slave, who feels that frustration and it's usually not because of a lack of submission or serving to the Master. Usually the slave worked hard to become a pleasure to her Master, and the result is even more frustration, if all hard work and well serving would not lead into fulfillment.

    These things appear more or less in every relationship and yet it is normal and we are getting used to it. Perhaps we learn by the time, how to find some joy here and there and how to deal with that kind of frustration. Perhaps the frustration is then not that much frustrating anymore and we take the few happy moments as reality and discard the idea of a really fulfilled life.

    But is the fulfillment in slavery just a nice theory? Is there not more?

    Reading in forums and on websites about "oh so wonderful" relationships in fulfillment does not really help. In fact it's rather tiring to read about such nice and wonderful love stories, if one is facing another reality. Reading about frustrated slaves, on the other hand, doesn't help much as well, if there are no true answers, why things just don't work.

    Nothing in life is just perfect and working easily. The reason for that is, that life is meant to be a time of learning. Everything we experience in life, is to learn certain lessons.

    So yes, it is normal, that things do not work well at times and that we always need to learn. But learning is not meant to be frustrating. Learning can be fulfilling, too. Any challange can be takes as a burden in life or it can be taken thankfully as a gift. The reason why we can and should be thankful for the challanges in life is, that it brings us, finally, to our destiny.

    Discovering, that one is a slave by nature is just one thing. It's great to know, being a slave is right and absolutely natural, however, it doesn't mean, that there is then just a Master needed to whom one can submit and then all life is only happy.

    Becoming a slave is one step closer to destiny. Not more and not less. To be sure, there is a huge difference between being a Slave and being a slave (capital letter intended). The goal and what truly natural slaves are seekng is the "ultimate slavery". It's a state, where the slave indeed is completely owned and completely controlled by it's Owner. This state is only truly desired by natural slaves, slaves who are meant to be slaves by nature. John Norman calls them just natural slaves.

    Probably most kajirae are natural slaves. But as mentioned, to submit to some Master does not meant to awaken the inside true slave fully. One does get a sense, how it might be to be truly and completely owned, but it needs time to develop in slavery.

    Take that time and be thankful for the challange, that is given to you in life. Listen, what is to do and follow your inner voice. Be patient and humble, your true slavery is inside yourself and it will eventually reveal it's beauty fully and completely once you are ready for it.

    Kajira of Alduras

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