Is GOR for everyone?

  • Greetings Masters and Mistresses,
    greetings slaves!

    Today I want to talk about the question, if GOR or the gorean lifestyle is good or right for anybody.

    Let's have first a look at the world of Gor, which is described in the books. We will quickly figure that on Gor slavery is an existing and tolerated part of society. Also there seem to be kind of city states or more or less independent cities rather than states. However, we also find different cultures like wagon people, Torvaldsland, Pani etc. These cultures have their own different cultures and differ from each other. For example the Pani have contracted free women, comparable to the japanese Geisha during the time of Edo. Usually they owe a debt to their Danna, who holds or owns the contract. As long the contract woman has not paid the debt fully, she must serve in tee houses (Okiya) including sexual services. (We will be offering a course about Pani within the academy soon) Beside the contract women, the Pani also have collar-girls which are mere slaves. Such women as the Pani contract woman, however, would in most other parts of Gor very likely seen as slaves. 

    If we regard the differences on Gor, it's clearly not possible to put Gorean people together into just one category. John Norman is covering many different cultures. Perhaps for the reason, that we accept or learn accepting, that humans are different.

    Now, one can say, Gor is covering all different facets of cultures, so there is for sure something for anybody. Maybe. However, if we look around and see the amount of goreans on Earth compared to the rest of population, it rather seems to be a very small group of people, who actually find the gorean lifestyle fitting for their lives.

    Indeed, we can observe many different lifestyles around the world. Also different philosophies, religions etc. With religions, I have made my painful experiences: I had been once a part of a christian church. That time, I believed, that everybody must be christian, otherwise they could not have a fulfilled life. I remember I was arguing with a muslim about who's religion is right. Well, of course there was no consensus. Each of us believed, the other was wrong. Years later, I came into contact with another muslim Master. By the way, as I became a slave, I experienced from all so called "friends" and "through-the-holy-ghost-connected-faithfuls", that I suddenly had been excluded and being on the wrong path. Huh? I knew, I was on the right path! But back to the muslim Master. For some reasons we stumbled over the topic religion. I said, from my experience, that we will probably have very different point of views regarding what is right or wrong or which God is the true God. Surprisingly, this was not the case. Even more interesting was the fact, that I felt a spiritual connection between this muslim Master and me, a christian shaped slave, which I had before only exclusively felt with other christians. How could that be?

    The answer is simply, that there is indeed and only can be just one power. Be it called God, Universe, Nature or whatever, it is there. We all know it, even we may interpret it differently or call it differently. It doesn't matter, if we give that power a name or if we even recognize it. It's there anyway. Some people do call it God. Some people give it a picture. They form out from traditions and experiences a kind of doctrine and call it religion. They believe then, because they feel somehow a connection to their God, that it's the truth. And it is indeed the truth, that they feel the connection to the creator, the power around us. But other people in other cultures or different countries, too, create their own religion, feeling the same true connection to their God, which is, in fact, absolutely the same God.

    How silly, from the perspective of the Universe, that all these people are fighting and trying to convert people of other religions to their own, since it is all the same anyway!

    Now, if we understand this picture, couldn't it be just the same with Gor? Is Gor not just another "picture" how life should be or how life might be right? In my understanding, we all have certain favorites in our lives, things we love, things that excites us, things that give us peace and fulfillment. 

    These certain tastes and loves and likes and even fetishes were given to us for a reason. Some people will find Gor and will feel, that it is exactly what they always were seeking. Other people will find their life in religions or somewhere else. Maybe even in subculture somewhere within the large BDSM scene. It doesn't matter. 

    It only matters, that each of us find their own true sense in life, to find the connection with the Universe. This can be within Gor, but it is certainly not for everybody. We, as Goreans, should accept, that our lifestyle is not for everybody and not try to convert other people to our way.

    Thank you for reading.

    *kneeling, respectful bending forward to the floor*

    kajira of Alduras