Gorean Plans for 2018: Peek In

  • Greetings Masters, Mistresses and slaves,

    the first gorean meeting in 2018 is coming closer! We are so excited and can't wait, to reveal our new plans to you! Actually it's very hard to keep silent now! Everything is silent and it seems nothing happens... but in fact, we are very busy preparing things...

    So, let's give you some little peek-ins ;-)


    New Online Courses

    Of course, the courses at the gorean academy will continue. Our project takes a lot of our time, but we are working on the next course and hopefully will publish it before the meeting in February.

    Beside new courses, we want to start with a quick guidance video, how to create a course. This should help and motivate also others from the community to create courses within the academy.



    We will start our own page on patron.com. What is Patreon? It's a page, where all kinds of makers, musicians, artists etc can publish their content and get support by their patrons. We got a hint from a community member to this platform and checked it out. But it's not just opening an account and done. We were thinking about a concept, which makes sense to start using another (external) platform, which helps us and the community. Of course, everything of the content going to be published on Patreon, also could be perfectly published here on MyGorean, but: we hope and expect, that we will arrive a lot more people on the platform Patreon, since it is not only for a small niche such as the gorean community and hence we will bring more people to MyGorean. Another point is, that our project is so exciting, that we probably will find followers and thus supporting patrons on Patreon, who would not join MyGorean.

    The introduction to Patreon will include also details about our new plans, so we can't talk about this yet (but soon!). But one thing, I think, we can tell already now: we will publish MyGorean News.


    MyGorean News

    We have made you waiting for the new plans until the next meeting in February. Not sure, if you feel as we do, but for us it takes a way too long, to tell you the upcoming news. We want to change this and get you informed more quickly. There is so much to tell! I could write pages over pages about all the things, that happened recently and also about our current work. It's worth to give it a try and start "MyGorean News". Let's see, how it works... it will, as you can guess, start after the meeting in February ;-)


    Real Life Kajira Training

    We really hope, we will be able to achieve this, because it's a lot of work to do before... but let's be optimistic ;-) The first kajira training hopefully takes place in summer 2018! Cross your fingers for us, that we can make it happen. The plan is a five-day event, where kajira receive an intense training and it will end with a gorean tavern night, where the girls can do a kind of practical exam. Again: a lot to do until then!


    Celebrating 1-Year-MyGorean

    On the first of may, we are celebrating our first "birthday" of this platform! It will be very likely embedded in another (fifth?) gorean meeting. Please check your calendars and make a note of this date or the weekend after (5.5.2018).


    Phew... so much news! I am excited and I hope you find this news exciting, too! 

    I wish you a great time, well wishes and peace in your hearts!

    kajira of Alduras