Caste of Kajirae

  • Tal Free, greetings slaves,

    Today I want to bring up a thesis, that is a little in contradiction to Gor but I hope you can follow my thoughts. I know, that slaves have no castes:

    A slave, of course, has no caste.
    Smugglers of Gor

    However, if we read about castes and what they mean for goreans in general, we can find some points, that allow my mentioned thesis.

    "I understand," I said. I had a respect for caste honor. Honor was honor, in small things as well as great. Indeed, how can one practice honor in great things, if not in small things?

    Rogue of Gor

    Can slaves have honor? Counter question: can human beings be excluded from things like honor? Isn't it only a question of a point of view? For example, slaves among themselves are still acting as human beings, right, and not as robots. Besides, honor isn't a static thing and there is always another component required, to be able to do honor, so to say, namely the code of honor. Without this, well, which codes should one follow? Honor from the view of a warrior is of course different than from the view of a peasant or a slaver or a merchant. While a gorean free man for example can accept a submission of a woman or reject it, a warrior by his codes can only accept or kill the woman.

    If one is of the Warriors the codes then require one to either slay the captive or accept the submission. Almost invariably the submission is accepted, as women on Gor are accounted a form of wealth, at least once they are collared.

    Swordsmen of Gor p.128

    Certainly there are codes for slaves as well, may it be codes of conduct and slaves, following these codes do honor, in my opinion. In my opinion it is also an honor to be found worth for the collar. The fact to become a collared kajira is not certain for every women just because they are women. Men could, of course, reject a submission.

    The collar does not diminish a woman's vanity; indeed, it may increase it, perhaps to her surprise, for not every woman is found worth collaring.
    Rebels of Gor p.113

    In this sense, of course, a girl is and can be proud, to be collared and enslaved by a gorean man, or by a free woman, even. And still, when a woman is enslaved, she is full of emotions and certain things do have meanings, like being granted to wear cloths, being assigned as first girl, being permitted to wear long hair, being used in the furs etc. One might say, slaves are not seen any longer as citizens or such, but legally as animals, thats right, but slaves are still of the same species as free men and women, the collar doesn't change this at all.

    There is one interesting quote relating to castes and animals:

    „Animals are innocent, I thought. They kill, and feed. Men smile, and soothe, and praise, and then kill, and feed.

    Is it honor and the codes, I wondered, which separate us from animals, or, rather, is it they which bring us closer to the innocence of the animals.“

    Swordsmen of Gor p.430

    Even free human beings are, somehow, not that far from animals as they often like to think. Yes, slaves are certainly lightly compared with animals, since either are properties, nonetheless are all human beings, mammals so to say. It is probably just a question of legal rights, combined with castes, which enslaved humans don't have. 

    If you argue this way. slave have no rights = slaves have no caste, I totally agree. But to me this doesn't mean, slaves can't be proud of their status. I have made several interesting experiences, which brought me to my thesis: entering the circle of slaves and leaving it! When a girl enters the "caste of slaves" it is nearly always a celebration among the slaves, often we slaves are touched and close to tears, when we see another girl being collared. She is now one of us! In case a slave leaves the circle of slaves, I have not seldom seen something between sadness and anger among the slaves, like having lost somebody or even being betrayed. Interestingly I have made similar experiences as the one, who has left the circle, when I became a free woman and even a Mistress of another slave. Independently of the circumstances, I felt being excluded from most of my former close friends among the slaves.

    There is definitely some kind of caste feeling among the slaves. It is similar to that, what the Free call honor of the caste. I certainly don't want to claim a caste for me, but what I want to say is, that I am proud to be a slave, thankful to be accepted as such not only by the Free but also by other slaves since we are all proud to belong to this kind of caste of slaves!

    Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave your comment below!

    kajira of Alduras


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  • Adira of Alduras
    Adira of Alduras Thank you for your comment, Master. In my understanding, goreans do not see slaves as worthless, since slaves are actually goods to buy and sell, but I think slaves have no caste in the sense of the free, because they are property and can't have any...  more
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  • Juergen
    Juergen hello adira, you did understand it right .. as i might have used a not so well describing way of putting it .. but as you said most people see that prpoperty has no worth in itself and therefore property can not have a "caste" but as soon as...  more
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  • Adira of Alduras
    Adira of Alduras Thank you very much, Master, for explaining! Of course a slaves caste can't stand in a row beside the castes of the Free, it's not a real caste but for us slaves, it feels somehow similar and I guess many slaves agree that we are proud to be slaves *smiles*
    May 4, 2017
  • HoustonGorean
    HoustonGorean Caste: "an endogamous and hereditary social group limited to persons of the same rank, occupation, economic position, etc., and having mores distinguishing it from other such groups. "

    By this definition yes a slave could belong to a caste, although in...  more
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