First steps towards our Van Life...

  • Tal Masters and Mistresses,
    greetings all slaves!

    First let me apology for the delay in posting our updates regarding the VanLife and MyGorean LIFE content. It's definitely overdue!

    The work is actually taking so much time, so that we didn't find time for programming. This is the very first test/try/post... whatsoever with the brand-new level filters for all scrolls!

    You will notice in this post, that there are some areas hidden, unless you are on Gold-Tarn Level. But since there is no subscription active for Gold Tarn yet, some parts of this post are hidden for everybody.

    Now let's begin with the actual post.

    As you probably know, my Master has bought a Sprinter van a few weeks ago, which we are going to convert into a camper van. Check out the video about "MyGorean Plans 2018" where we introduced our new project with the van.

    (The following two pictures are visible for everybody, just as an example)

    Our bikes sold :( and a Sprinter van bought :-)

    Bikes sold :((( ........................ and a Sprinter van bought :)))

    Preparing the ground / parking space 

    Before we could start working on the built itself, we had to prepare our lot. The property is small, though big enough to park a van like the Sprinter on it, at least the 144" wheel base. (5.9 meters long). The lot was not accessible, because there were some trees, bushes and a wooden fence at the border. If you remember, there was a storm called "Frederike", which blows parts of the fence away, so it was time to fix it.

    We removed the fence completely, also all the trees and bushes, which was not really easy. Roots were heavy and big, beside that it was cold outside, temperatures below zero degrees Celsius.

    That's where I learned using an excavator! It was so much fun to drive that thing! With that tool, it was possible, though still not easy, to remove the roots and laid concrete, also remove soil and create a flat area for the entry and parking area.

    Next, we had to place herbs before the gravel was delivered. Wow, the work with gravel was really hard work for a female slave! My back did hurt, also it seemed my strength was very limited and I lost my power before the work was done. Glad, I was able to finish it anyway, with lots of breaks in between.

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    After compressing the gravel, we placed special plastic boards on it, which is to keep the final gravel in place, when we are driving on it.


    A new entry also was built, finish the rest of the garden etc, before we – finally – could park the van on our own ground.

    Enjoy the relating video: (usually requires Silver Tarsk, but this time visible for everybody, so you get an idea)

    Building a wall inside

    Inside the house, there was also some work to do. As I mentioned earlier, the temperature was low outside, which led to a higher oil consumption of the heating system.

    (another free picture)

    Master decided to get a wall towards the cellar with a door, so that the cold air would just stay there. It was a bit complicated, because of the stairs: I had to measure every step carefully and cut the construction panels. I also installed some nice LED lamps along the stairs and the relating switches on each floor. The electrical installation was a bit tricky, too, because I had to get power from somewhere and also the with towards the cellar should be replaced by one with a small light, indicating that light is on.


    It also took some days, before I finally finished the work inside the house. I think the result is really nice!

    And here is the relating video: (again this time free for everyone)

    Removing rust

    The van is from 2008, so it's not a new shiny car. Actually it's condition was not bad, however, there was some rust on typical areas of the series. With steel brush, other machines, primer etc, I was ables to remove the ugly looking rust. Then I sanded all the areas, covered all parts, who were not to paint and applied the final paint on the vehicle. The result is quite nice, even it's still not looking as new... but nearly ;-)


    Enjoy the video of part III (Silver Tarsk only):



    Removing walls and floor from the van

    The weather became warmer and we could continue with the van built. Removing the wooden walls and the old floor was quickly done. Beneath the floor, some more rust was revealed. We applied again rust prevention on it, but this time it was inside the car, so that the smell really bothered us, while driving the vehicle. Before we started with the insolation of the floor, we have brought the Sprinter to the garage to get a complete check-up. The dealer confirmed the good condition of the Sprinter, which is indeed a great feeling, especially with the relative high milage.

    Back at home, I was cleaning the floor inside the van. Most of the work so far, I had done dressed, as I had been exposed to the neighbours, but during my cleaning work, I was more or less hidden behind the walls. It was very exciting to do my work completely nude.

    My Master was filming it: Pure Kajira: natural working

    With insolation on the floor and the new floor, made with simple OSB boards (is it the right word for it? In Germany we call it OSB Platte). Later we will put a nice Vinyl floor on the remaining visible area.


    The next steps are: installing another car radio for great sound inside, installing ventilator on the roof and also a nice little skylight, which can be opened. Also we want to have nice big windows in the walls on both sides.

    Stay tuned! Next update won't last so long ;-)

    Thanks for reading and watching :) I hope you liked it. Please leave your comments below.

    *respectfully bowing*

    kajira of Alduras